For Life Live is on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. CT/8:00 p.m. ET. These Zoom presentations are informative, impactful, and insightful and will inspire you to know and to act in accordance with your For Life values and beliefs. These 90-minute events allow speakers to go in-depth with plenty of opportunity for Q & A. To participate, email Rev. Jeff Duncan at and ask for the required unique Zoom ID and Passcode. For topics, check the LFL homepage calendar.

For Life Live – Christian Decision Making at Life’s End

For Life Live – Word of Hope: Healing with the Truth About Who You Are and Whose You Are

For Life Live – This Is Not Your Grandma’s Pro-Life Fight!

For Life Live – Step Up 4 Life 2022

For Life Live – Denial of Care

For Life Live – Bodies Made in God’s Image

For Life Live – Remembrance Garden for the Unborn

For Life Live – Lutheran Christian Citizen Participation In For Life Laws

For Life Live – Mandi and Ryan Wesley: A Story of Infertility and Adoption in God’s Timing

For Life Live – Two Kingdoms: Obligations and Opportunities for Lutherans with Col. John Eidsmoe

For Life Live – Life Week 2022 – Tailored for You, Your Church, Your Life Team, and Life Chapter

For Life Live – The Least of These: Examining the Ethics of Embryo Experimentation

For Life Live – Life Ministry and Strong Marriages (Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage)

For Life Live – Isaiah’s Story: a Short but Meaningful Voice for Life

For Life Live – Life Ministry and Pornography

For Life Live – Glorifying God in Life Issues

For Life Live – Mobilizing the Church when Roe Falls

For Life Live – Critical Race Theory and the Sanctity of Life

For Life Live – Critical Race Theory – Coming to a Church Near You

For Life Live – Prayer Warriors for Christ and Life

For Life Live – Speaking the Truth in Love: Engaging Abortion Advocates’ Arguments and Objections

For Life Live – Disposable: When Dating is Not Loving Your Neighbor

For Life Live – Procreation: The First Blessing, Purpose, and Command

For Life Live – Step Up 4 Life

For Life Live – Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries (RLOM) with Sheryl DeWitt

For Life Live – The Movement of Love and the 55-Front Fight for Life

For Life Live – Life Ministry and Media-Wise Parenting (Tech Safety in Families)

For Life Live – Terminal Parenting

For Life Live – Human Trafficking Prevention: Righteousness Works

For Life Live – Purposeful Practices: Involving Youth in Life Ministry

For Life Live – Embryo Rescue through Adoption

For Life Live – Mothers of Many in the Body of Christ: Longing for Love, Validation, and Encouragement!

For Life Live – The Developing Human: Are They Capable of Feeling Pain?

For Life Live – “I AM with you” featuring Deaconess Chrissie Gillet

For Life Live – Gender and Sexuality: Part 1 – What Do Christians Believe? (Encore)

For Life Live – Gender and Sexuality Part 2 – Gospel-Motivated Responses (Encore)

For Life Live – Adoption and Fostering to Adoption

For Life Live – A Focus on Physician-Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia: The Church Actively Engaged in Public Policy

For Life Live – A Conversation with Deaconess Tiffany Manor – Director of LCMS Life Ministry

For Life Live – Life Ministry and Sidewalk Advocacy: What? Why? How?

For Life Live – Gender and Sexuality: Part 1 and Part 2

For Life Live – A Zoom Presentation on Life Ministry and the Pregnancy Help Center

For Life Live – A Zoom Presentation on Over the Counter Abortion Is Coming: Our Response