Our Mission …

Equipping Lutherans and their neighbors to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life

Our Vision …

Every Lutheran, both individually and in community, upholding the God-given value of human life and influencing society to do the same

Our Philosophy …

Lutherans For Life believes that the Church is compelled by God’s Word to speak and act on behalf of those who are vulnerable and defenseless. The crisis of our times is the repudiation of biblical truth manifested in the wanton destruction of innocent human life through legalized abortion-on-demand and the growing threat to the lives of others through legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia. Therefore, as Lutherans For Life, we will strive to give a Gospel-motivated witness to the Church and society on these and other related issues, such as chastity, post-abortion healing, and family living. We will call God’s people to compassionate action and foster life-affirming alternatives for those facing difficult situations.

Lutherans For Life has, since 1979, upheld the value of life affirmed by the resurrected Christ. We educate congregations on life issues with a Gospel perspective, equipping Lutherans and their neighbors to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life. Lutherans For Life also offers help, healing, and forgiveness for anyone who bears the burden of overwhelming guilt through our 24-hour Word of Hope hotline (888-217-8679). This free service is available to men, women, and youths for information, referrals, and Scripture-based spiritual care to address life issues such as surprise pregnancy, abortion recovery, suicide, doubting salvation, and physician-assisted suicide. Life Teams, Life Chapters, and Life Advocates are developed in congregations and communities—in collaboration with our volunteer relations team—to affirm life and participate in motivating others For Life through the Gospel. Lutherans For Life also serves youth through its Y4Life program! Specifically focused on helping high school and college youth become Gospel-motivated voices For Life, Y4Life offers a variety of educational resources, service projects, and interactive, in-person opportunities that teach youth how to uphold the lives of others. Lutherans For Life offers a wide variety of print and online resources—including our quarterly journal, LifeDate.

In this day and age of soundbites and cliche phrases we communicate clearly that death is not an acceptable, God-pleasing way to deal with the problems of life, and that that there is a better way … the Gospel:

Lutherans For Life (LFL) applies the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to sanctity of life issues, making Jesus known as the Son of God and Savior of all who can help and make a difference in people’s lives. 

The life issues of our time are much more than controversial political issues. They are grave spiritual issues, for they assault the Creator of Life and insult the Lord of Life.

Our work equips Lutherans to be positive, life-affirming voices that uphold the truth of the God-given value of human life, both in local congregations and in society.

Through this work we are growing the number of voices across the globe that spread the joyful message that every human life is created and gifted by God, every human life is someone for whom Jesus Christ died, and every human life is someone the Holy Spirit desires to call into an eternal relationship with Him.

We believe this message changes hearts, and those with changed hearts, change society. 

But only God, working through the power of His Gospel, can change hearts. That is why the Gospel motivates all that we do, and why our Mission must be combined with our Message & Manner.


The message of Lutherans For Life is the heart-changing truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our primary message is not so much: “Here’s what we should do.” Rather it is: “Here is what God has done that gives value and dignity to all human life.”

Gospel Preparation

Preparatory for the Gospel, of course, is the truth of God’s Word of Law. In an age where abortion is called a “right” and a “choice,” where assisted suicide and euthanasia are called “compassion,” where sex outside of marriage is called “natural” and “safe,” someone needs to boldly counter these lies with the absolute truth of God’s Word.

The sorrowful pregnant teen needs to hear that she is loved by God as that love is shared and shown through the Body of Christ. She needs the support of God’s people to help her in any way they are able.

Women and men who are filled with sorrow and regret over an abortion decision need to hear about the forgiveness, hope, and healing that are found in Jesus. The depth of the sorrow over this sin is so deep that only the Gospel of Jesus can lift them up out of the darkness.

Gospel Motivation

The Gospel is not just something that happens to us. It is something that lives within us. The Gospel, not the “shoulds” and the “should nots” of the Law, is to be our motivation for making good decisions.

Someone once said that you can spend less time telling people how they should behave if you spend more time reminding them of who they really are.

Christian teenagers, for example, need to be reminded of who they really are. That they have better motivation for making good decisions than the fear of horrible diseases happening to their bodies. They are made in the image of God and have a Savior who loves them and lives in their bodies as His temple.

The message and sanctifying work of the Gospel enables us to live lives acceptable and pleasing to God.

Gospel Transformation 

The message of the Gospel transforms us to live and think differently in the face of problems and afflictions in our lives. Things are never hopeless, and we do not have to turn to death as the solution to the problems of life.

Gospel Proclamation

The life issues provide tremendous opportunity to proclaim this wonderful message. By raising awareness of the life issues among pastors and congregations they are empowered to share the Gospel message to those whose lives are overwhelmed by the results of their sin.

We have the greatest message in the world, and we run the risk of causing offense to God’s people when we fail to apply it to their struggles. 

But of course, even the greatest message in the world is not always presented in a great way. That is why our Message must be combined with our Manner.


Lutherans For Life desires to pattern its manner after Paul and “speak the truth in love.” 

Admittedly that is not always easy.

The truth we proclaim is not to be proclaimed timidly or ashamedly, nor should it be proclaimed with anger and finger pointing. The truth of the Gospel is to be proclaimed in love. Love confronts people with their sins, but love does not condemn people because of their sins.

The love of Christ’s Gospel meets people where they are in their sin, but does not leave them there. It frees them from the crushing weight of sin and guilt and brings them to new life, as they are restored in their relationship with their Creator and live the life God originally intended for them.

Lutherans For Life has a nation-wide network of state federations, local chapters and Life Teams.


Lutherans For Life started as the vision of a handful of Lutheran leaders in 1976, this initial work grew to the official launch of Lutherans for Life (LFL) in April of 1979.

Since these humble beginnings God has richly blessed the work of LFL and created opportunities that the founders could not imagine when they first started.

Through the years Lutherans for Life has seen it’s work spread across the country, in local LFL chapters, in Lutheran congregations throughout the US and on college campuses with the Campus Life Project.

LFL has also spread the For Life message across the globe, assisting in the development of Lutherans for Life Australia, Lutherans for Life of Canada and Lutherans for Life – Latvia. LFL has also partnered closely with Pro-Vita, a Romanian Christian For Life group.

Throughout all these God ordained opportunities, Lutherans for Life has spread the For Life message and changed hearts through avenues such as a national radio broadcast, the LFL quarterly journal, countless resources produced and published for local Lutheran congregations and with the LFL regional national conferences held every year across the country.

As a grassroots organization Lutherans for Life continues to help others live out their faith according to God’s will and share the For Life message found in the life and gospel of Jesus Christ.

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