Join Rev. Jeff Duncan for a hands-on discussion of Step Up 4 Life!

Since 1979, Lutherans For Life has been equipping God’s people to become Gospel-motivated voices For Life.

Step Up 4 Life is a new and exciting way for you to make a Gospel-motivated difference in the lives of people!

Step Up 4 Life is LFL’s first annual Walk for Life. We hope you join us in raising awareness and funds 4 LIFE!

Participation is simple: Registration is open now! After paying a one-time $25 fee, you’ll be asked to set personal fitness goals—goals you have eight weeks to accomplish! (Check out our family and student discounts online!)

As you connect personal tracking devices or manually record your activities, you’ll be counting steps (and taking them!) toward raising awareness and funds for LFL, especially when you invite others to get involved.

Recorded May 18, 2021.