Rev. Dr. Mark Steiner, who served as a chaplain for thirty years in the U.S. Navy, is our guest. Drawing upon Matthew 25, Dr. Steiner will describe the situation faced by victims of human trafficking. The victims are deprived of food, water, shelter, and clothing—and are often drugged and imprisoned. They suffer from illness and injury. The righteous described in Matthew 25 are those who believe in Christ and perform righteous works. The righteous, led by the Holy Spirit through the saving news of the Gospel, engage in works of righteousness—Righteousness Works!

Dr. Stein will share these points:

  • Scripture on Human Trafficking
  • References
  • Human Trafficking Description
  • An Ignoble Economy
  • Wealth and Power
  • Data Points
  • A Prophetic Voice
  • Law and Policy
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Courses of Action

Rev. Dr. Steiner, CAPT, CHC, USN (Ret.), served as a U.S. Navy Chaplain for thirty years. In addition to deploying with Navy and Marine Corps units to the Middle East, he served as the principal advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on all matters pertaining to the free exercise of religion and troop well-being. As the Director of Religious Affairs for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, he led hundreds of Sailors and Marines in providing support to victims of human trafficking. A longtime advocate for victims of human trafficking, he was selected as one of the Regional Candidates to be interviewed for the White House Fellowship 2018. He is author of The Short Man of Nuremberg and the Founder and CEO of Conscience Guide Team, a YouTube Channel dedicated to matters pertaining to conscience and moral authority.

Recorded March 2, 2021.