Our Guest: Rev. Michael Stangeland

Pastor Stangeland serves Old Westbrook Lutheran Church, Westbrook, Minnesota, and Highwater Lutheran Church, Lamberton, Minnesota. He says:

“I am ‘For Life’ but have borrowed the first question from the Westminster Shorter Catechism as the one that defines my life: ‘What is man’s chief purpose? To glorify God and enjoy him forever.’ I think it is especially important to note two parts to that, not only living to glorify God, but also recognizing that for a world caught up in the pursuit of happiness, it is in glorifying God that true joy is found. As Jesus said, ‘I came that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.’ (John 15:11) It is not something that we can produce for ourselves, but a further gift of God’s grace.”

Join the conversation with this “slave of Christ” who talks openly about restoration themes of the Old Testament as the culture and world in which we live wonders, “Is anything too difficult for God?” Pastor Stangeland is a voice, often in the wilderness, proclaiming “Nothing will be impossible for God!”

Recorded September 21, 2021.


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