Dr. Sheila Page, D.O.

Why is the question of pain perception in the unborn child important?

The concept of pain is a fundamental part of our humanity, and intentionally inflicting pain on another human being is a humanitarian issue. When the unborn child is subjected to the abortion procedures that induce death, some people may be willing to accept the destruction of life if they believe it is done in a “humane” way. When we can connect to the humanity of the unborn, we naturally consider abortion to be unthinkable. This discussion includes a review of human neurological development and the biokinetics of life in the womb.

Sheila Page, D.O., Secretary, LFL Board of Directors – is board certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and treats a wide spectrum of patients from the newborn to the elderly, including patients with irreversible and terminal illness. Dr. Page has a special interest in children with disabilities, particularly those whose burden of care is difficult and who have been given little hope for a better quality of life.

“The care and protection of the most vulnerable among us is a responsibility I take personally. I am especially interested in treating difficult illnesses, offering a chance for healing and comfort to those who have lost hope. I am a strong advocate of fostering the individual doctor-patient relationship and preserving the integrity of medicine.”

Recorded January 5, 2021. (Edited due to technical problems during the recording.)