Welcome to the Frontline Playbook!

Within each Frontline Playbook issue will be four topical presentations and associated resources. You have available to you a video presentation, devotion, fact sheet, and activity sheet for each of the four topical resources. Use these to plan or implement an event, a Bible study, or another creative way to use the material provided.

You may use the entire Playbook as an educational opportunity for your life group during your meetings. Consider sponsoring an event at church and include the video presentations and other useful resources. Talk to your pastor about using these during a Bible study hour for either large or small group studies. Each video will run about 40 to 50 minutes, giving you time to review the fact sheets and do an activity. You may choose to engage people in an activity either pre- or post-event to spur interest in the actual event. We suggest you use the devotion provided as an opening followed by the video, which can be accessed from a video link on our LFL website.

And there will be more … We have been asked for more ways to assist you in planning For Life activities at your churches, and we are thrilled to provide the Frontline Playbook series.

As you plan your For Life goals for this coming year, please consider including the Frontline Playbook series in your plans. We have provided detailed steps, but if you have questions or suggestions on how to make this even better, please reach out to the Volunteer Relations Team.

Frontline Playbook Resources