Be a Gospel-Motivated Voice for the Unborn!

Will you help us make abortion unwanted? Please give a generous financial gift to Lutherans For Life today!

You can insulate hearts and minds against abortion with our message and ministry.

We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the most powerful, positive for-life message in the universe!

We know how to listen and assist and embrace. We do very well at conversations and relationships. We can motivate, educate, and activate—and we will!


Death doesn’t pause for a pandemic.

The devil isn’t putting his deceptions on hold just because of protests.

Terminal diagnoses are still leaving loved ones afraid in the fall of 2020. Infertility is still leaving hearts feeling abandoned. Surprise pregnancies are still leaving consciences ashamed.

Embryos are still being executed in experiments. Unborn babies are still being scheduled for abortion. Children are still awaiting adoption. Mothers are still experiencing pressure to terminate. Fathers are still believing lies about it. Persons with disabilities are still hearing euthanasia praised. Senior citizens are still considering physician-assisted suicide. And anxieties about unrest and infection have only intensified it.

If anything, they need us now more than ever! The whole world needs like never before to remember and rejoice in the sanctity of life. Humankind needs to hear and see and feel and believe the Gospel—that Almighty God creates, redeems, and calls every human life as His own precious treasure, from fertilization to forever, for the sake of Jesus Christ the Savior.

Viruses have not silenced our Gospel-motivated voices For Life. Violence cannot stop our courage and our compassion. This truth is still changing hearts! This love is still saving lives! Lutherans For Life is still speaking. We are still serving. We are still working together, sticking together, and even getting together.

This fall we’re gathering in Fargo, in Pittsburgh, in Phoenix, and in Orlando (masked, sanitized, and socially distanced, of course). Our hope cannot be restrained! And nothing can stifle our joy in receiving every life as a gift of God and treating the least of these as privileges from the Heavenly Father.

Our regional conference participants get to join us in this ministry and its great rewards. Each event has a special Challenge Offering that contributes to our year-round and nationwide activities. Last year they pooled some $10,000, and over $7,500 in 2018.

This year we recognize that unavoidable circumstances may prevent you from attending. And we don’t want to deny you the blessings of these experiences. So we’re making the conference presentations available online, both live and archived!

And we’re sending you this exclusive invitation to share in the Conference Challenge Offering. Will you help us keep the life-affirming momentum of previous years? Will you help us increase it for 2020? Will you please help those we reach know God’s love and the gift of life with a generous?

What a wonderful way, while “people are fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world,” for you to “straighten up and raise your heads”—and your Gospel-motivated voices—“because your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 21:26-28)!

Over the last twelve months, folks from Texas have given the most gifts, followed by Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana (with Oregon as honorable mention!). Can you help your state retain its place or take over the title?

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