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Calling All For Life Supporters! LFL is excited to announce a brand new multi-generational opportunity: Life Week 2021: Invisible to Indispensable. Plan to join us each day from Saturday, January 23, through Saturday, January 30, 2021, to learn about, share, and build excitement For Life in your home, church, school, and community! Each themed day will explore a distinct aspect of life ministry through local activities, online educational events, and interviews. Watch for more news on our Facebook page and on this page!

“From Invisible to Indispensable!” is Lutherans For Life’s theme for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, which is set for January 24, 2021. Your congregation can observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on that date or at any time during the year. Our Life Sunday 2021 theme is based on 1 Corinthians 12:22: “On the contrary, the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable …” (ESV). Use the resources found on our Life Sunday 2021 page to help unpack this theme and what it means for the For Life movement, both nationally and in your congregation and community. Our prayer is that these materials will provide valuable information and encouragement to you, your community, and the life-affirming work you are engaged in.

Zoom presentations … Life Week 2021 …

Each day, the LFL team is going to be hosting an online educational event for YOU that will focus on one area of invisibility in modern society. Even better, our guest speakers will highlight how God speaks directly to each life issue. Take a look at this amazing lineup:

  • Day 1: Rev. Michael Salemink, Executive Director of Mission and Ministry, LFL
  • Day 2: Rev. Dr. Michael Eschelbach, Professor of Theology at Concordia Irvine
  • Day 3: Erin Maggard, Pro-life speaker and writer
  • Day 4: Mona Fuerstenau, Disability Advocate and Ministry Consultant, and Rev. Scott Licht, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, LFL
  • Day 5: Deaconess Chrissie Gillet, Word of Hope Director, LFL
  • Day 6: Deaconess Pam Nielson, Associate Executive Director of LCMS Communications
  • Day 7: Panel Discussion including: Deaconess Pat Nuffer, Disability Advocate, and her son, Carl Nuffer, who is a vibrant testament to the gift of life with Down syndrome; Amy Skogerboe, Jesus-loving Inspirational Christian Speaker; and Deaconess Chrissie Gillet, Word of Hope Director, LFL
  • Day 8: Rev. Hans Fiene, Pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Crestwood, Missouri, and creator of Lutheran Satire (Session 1); Michelle Bauman, Director of Y4Life (Session 2)


One LFL chapter is providing a bag of microwave popcorn to each family with information about the resources and the daily Zoom presentations (see info above and below). One congregation thinks this so important that they are funding the mailing of the popcorn to each family unit to get this information in everyone’s hands and to encourage them to take advantage of these great resources!

Updated January 16, 2021:

Y4Life in Washington, D.C. is going VIRTUAL and we want YOU to join us!

Our free conference for college and high school YOUTH begins Thursday, January 28 at 7:00 p.m. CST/8:00 p.m. EST with a presentation on LFL’s LIFE WEEK 2021 theme From Invisible to Indispensable, followed by social time with 4Life youth from across the nation.

Plan to return Friday, January 29, at 7:00 p.m. CST/8:00 p.m. EST for a panel discussion on the theme “I am Indispensable” that explores how we, though imperfect, have been made perfect in HIM.

Finally, join us on Saturday, January 30, at 8:00 a.m. CST/9:00 a.m. EST for two sessions on the closing theme: “You are Indispensable.” Come hear how you have been uniquely made to be Life messengers to the world and discover some practical ways to carry out that message.

Our lineup of dynamic and energetic speakers includes Rev. Hans Fiene, Deac. Chrissie Gillett, Deac. Pat Nuffer, Carl Nuffer, Amy Skogerboe, and Michelle Bauman. Join us each day from January 28-30 as we celebrate and affirm life!

All college and high school youth are welcome:

Thursday’s Youth Event @ 7:00 p.m. CST/8:00 p.m. EST: Youth only on Zoom.

  • Meeting ID: 825 6674 8458
  • Passcode: 531186

Friday’s Panel Discussion @ 7:00 p.m. CT/8:00 p.m. EST: Youth only on Zoom—also live-streamed on YouTube.

  • Meeting ID: 863 1277 9776
  • Passcode: 815150

Saturday Morning @ 8:00 a.m. CST/9:00 a.m. EST: Youth only on Zoom—also live-streamed on YouTube.

  • Meeting ID: 895 5508 4619
  • Passcode: 563456

See you soon!

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Life Week 2021 – Day 1 – January 23 – The Invisible are Indispensable

Day 1 Fact Sheets
Day 1 Church Activities
Day 1 School Activities
Day 1 Devotional

Invisibility – Shortcoming or Superpower (PDF)

Day 1 Zoom One-Hour Presentation with Rev. Michael Salemink, Executive Director for Mission and Ministry at Lutherans For Life

Day 1 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Loving the People by Rev. Michael Salemink, Executive Director of Mission and Ministry: 

“What I love most about working with Lutherans For Life is the people. Our national staff excel not only in competence but also in courage and compassion. Our network of volunteers and donors genuinely rejoice to receive every neighbor as a gift and privilege, and they enthusiastically show the Gospel truth that God loves every human life. Getting to engage and interact constantly with such wonderful Christians is a real honor and delight for me!”

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Created and Loved by Kim Nessa, Accountant:

“I love life because I love the Creator of life, Jesus Christ my Lord.  He creates each life which makes each of us precious and valuable. I am indispensable … and you are indispensable because God created and loved us so much, He sent His son to die on the cross for us.  Jesus says in His word, ‘I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ John 10:10”

LIFE WEEK 2021– A LOVE for every LIFE by Diane Albers, President of LFL of Missouri and Member of LFL Board of Directors:

Why am I, personally, for life? I have been a teacher for most of my life. Children are important to me! After we decided to start our family, it took six years to have our first child. Then my LCMS OB-GYN friend talked me into using an IUD, and I had all the side-effects. After the removal, it took four years to have our second child. I was not sure I wanted to try for a third, but Mike did. I asked that we pray God would give us a baby within a year. Be careful how you pray: I got pregnant the first time we tried! I never contemplated an abortion, but I was not happy because the babies were seventeen months apart and we had just moved to a different state at that time. I thought I would never be able to do anything!

I know the pain of infertility. I know how a woman might feel in a situation where she might contemplate abortion. I helped care for our parents before they died. We have people in our families who have disabilities. I love every life! Most importantly, God loves life!

Life Week 2021 – Day 1 Video Testimonial – Bonnie E.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 2 – January 24 – Marriage and Family are Indispensable

Day 2 Fact Sheets
Day 2 Church Activities
Day 2 School Activities
Day 2 Devotional

Not Good to Be Alone (PDF)

Day 2 Zoom One-Hour Presentation with Rev. Michael Eschelbach

Day 2 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – God Loves Life by By Virginia Flo, Regional Director of Minnesota, and National Conference Director:

“I love sharing the message of life in the work I do at LFL. Whether I am speaking at an event, engaging in conversation at an exhibit table or just talking one on one with someone about the gift of life, the message is simple – God loves life. He loves babies in the womb all the way through old age no matter what difficulties they may have. We are all created perfect in His image, indispensable in His sight. God wants to use you to share the message to respect and protect life in this world. Won’t you help? God loves you!”

Life Week 2021 – Day 2 Video Testimonial – Hilary H.

Life Week 2021 – Day 2 Video Testimonial – Hope M.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 3 – January 25 – The Unborn are Indispensable

Day 3 Fact Sheets
Day 3 Church Activities
Day 3 School Activities
Day 3 Devotional

“The ‘Unborn’ Almighty” (PDF)

Day 3 Zoom One-Hour Presentation with Erin Maggard

Day 3 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – God Makes Each of Us Unique by Jerilyn Richard, Data Analyst:

“I am passionate about the For Life message because of how it has impacted me personally. Having a child with disabilities and witnessing how the world views his ‘differences’ propels me to share the important and vital message of LIFE. We are created uniquely, and God has a purpose for each of us. The gift of life through the eyes of Jesus changes everything for me. The message I want to share is a message of hope, forgiveness, and the importance of relationships. I encourage you to be intentional with those around you, get to know them as God created each of us to be.”

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Following Christ our LIFE by Paula Cate, Life Team Leader at St. John’s, Grand Haven, Michigan:

The St. John’s Grand Haven Life Team was remarkably busy in October. We had our Fetal Models blessed in a worship service. We coordinated with the Michigan Right to Life organization to present a short film showing how Love Protects Life. We had a Bible Study with the LFL “For Life” DVD. The last two weekends of the month, we arranged large displays showing Fetal development, and messages about voting for Life. Despite the Virus restrictions, we were pleased with the response of congregation members and children following Christ!

Life Week 2021 – Day 3 Video Testimonial – Joanna S.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 4 – January 26 – Those with Disabilities are Indispensable

Day 4 Fact Sheets
Day 4 Church Activities
Day 4 School Activities
Day 4 Devotional

“That the Works of God Might Be Displayed …” (PDF)

Day 4 Zoom One-Hour Presentation with Mona Fuerstenau and Rev. Scott Licht

Day 4 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Passionate About LIFE by Dr. Barbara Lane Geistfeld, Regional Director of Texas: 

I became the RD of Texas in 2015 when Jean Amundson asked me to take her place. I am passionate about life because God gave me a heart for people, and I see them hurting in many ways. They do not know they are created by God, indispensable to His plan, and valuable because of the price Jesus paid for them. My goal is to proclaim to every person I meet: God created you, He redeemed you, and He calls you to be His forever child. Seeing just one person realize his or her worth is my reward.” 

LIFE WEEK 2021 – People like us need be for LIFE by Jeanne Mackay, President of LFL of Kansas :

Who would have thought before 1973 that we Lutherans would be absolutely surprised, tearful and wondering “How could this be?” Then, finally, Roe v Wade at some point hit many of us! It happened to me. So LFL is here because people like us need to be here … to witness to the sanctity of human life and to equip other Lutherans to be Gospel motivated voices as well. Dr. Jean Garton once said something like, “I am doing this because I cannot not do this.” Everyone should be FOR Life … and I beg the question, how could we not be FOR Life knowing that God created us and all people?

Life Week 2021 – Day 4 Video Testimonial – Jesse M.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 5 – January 27 – Those Suffering are Indispensable

Day 5 Fact Sheets
Day 5 Church Activities
Day 5 School Activities
Day 5 Devotional

The Suffering of “Enoughness” (PDF)

Day 5 Zoom One-Hour Presentation with Deaconess Chrissie Gillet
  • 7:00 p.m. CST / 8:00 p.m. EST
  • Meeting ID: 849 7414 6254
  • Passcode: 295322
  • Invisible suffering is often worse than visible suffering. Yet, God is aware of all our suffering and He gives it purpose. As such, those who are suffering, visibly or silently, are indispensable.
  • Deaconess Chrissie Gillet joined Lutherans For Life to serve as the Word of Hope Director in April of 2017. As a Veteran staff psychologist and certified deaconess, she has an acute understanding of both, the secular worldview and a Christ-centered identity. Her vocations as pastor’s wife and mother of seven further motivate her compassion for life. Chrissie primarily answers the Word of Hope hotline calls and emails, during which she listens without personal judgment while also responding in Christian truth and love. She will go above and beyond to connect people with local services and natural supports but can offer diaconal counseling when appropriately necessary. Beyond her typical hotline responsibilities, Chrissie writes articles, publicly speaks along with her service dog Phoebe, and leads Bible studies on a range of topics related to life issues.
Day 5 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Never Alone by Deaconess Chrissie Gillet, Word of Hope Director: 

Before I became a Christian, I believed life was only worth my ability to serve and please others. Despite dedication and sacrifice, I repeatedly found nothing but loneliness and emptiness. Helpless to change, I cried out in anguish, “Somebody save me!” In that miraculous moment, enveloped in an unexplainable embrace of peace and safety, I heard the Lord whisper, “Never again will you be afraid of being alone. I am with you.” Soon afterwards, I joined a Lutheran church where I learned Jesus suffered, died, and rose again to save all sinners without any merit on our part. Why? Because He genuinely loves you and me! 

LIFE WEEK 2021 – God’s WORD speaks of LIFE by Pastor Dennis Norby, Grace and Zion Free Lutheran Churches, Valley City, North Dakota:  

In the first months of serving as a pastor, I was contacted by a local hospital and told that a family was requesting that I come by immediately. When I arrived, I learned that a young woman had lost her baby at about 16 weeks. In the room, I met a young woman filled with grief, and her tiny child was beside her bed. This young woman was suffering through many terrible circumstances. No matter what the circumstances were, a little life had ended, and the only words of help I could offer were the words of promise given to us in the Bible. I am so thankful that God’s Word speaks of the grace that is ours in Jesus Christ in every situation. 

Life Week 2021 – Day 5 Video Testimonial – Caroline H.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 6 – January 28 – The Aging are Indispensable

Day 6 Fact Sheets
Day 6 Church Activities
Day 6 School Activities
Day 6 Devotional

Proclaiming His Love: The Indispensable Aging (PDF)

Day 6 Zoom One-Hour Presentation with Deaconess Pam Nielson
Portrait of Deaconess Pamela J. Nielsen at The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016, in Kirkwood, Mo. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford
  • 7:00 p.m. CST / 8:00 p.m. EST
  • Meeting ID: 849 7414 6254
  • Passcode: 295322
  • Life at the End: A Conversation About Care for the Dying and Those that Love Them –  What is the role of the Church and individual Christians when death draws near? How might the church become a leading voice in the field of thanatology (the scientific study of death and the practices associated with it, including the study of the needs of the terminally ill and their families). How does what we confess about life and the Giver of life impact the way in which we treat death?
  • Deaconess Pamela J. Nielsen, a graduate of Concordia University Chicago and Concordia Theological Seminary (CTSFW), Ft. Wayne, Ind., she has been privileged to serve in several congregations and institutions of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) for the past 35 years. As parish deaconess at Concordia Lutheran Church in Ft. Wayne, Ind., she was called to begin a ministry with the growing number of aging parishioners, founding the group: OWLS – Older, Wiser, Livelier Saint.  This outreach for Senior Citizens included fellowship, service projects and spiritual care. She also regularly ministered to the sick and dying and provided grief support. As a graduate student at CTSFW, her diaconal skills and theological understanding, particularly in the area of mercy work and spiritual care, were enriched and expanded.  As Director of Community Services for CTSFW, she focused on creating a spirit of hospitality through events and interactions with campus visitors and alumni. In 2002, she began nearly a decade of service as the Senior Editor for Sunday School, Youth and Family Materials at Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis, The core of this work was to lead the development of Growing in Christa cradle to grave Lutheran Sunday School curriculumIn addition to numerous editing projects, she served as general editor for Faith Alive, the ESV children’s study Bible and authored, Behold the Lamb! An Introduction to Christian Symbolism. In 2011, she joined the Communications Department of the LCMS where she serves as the Associate Executive Director, serving as Executive Editor of Lutherans Engage the World (ENGAGE), a magazine focused on telling the stories of the LCMS and it’s work in the world. Her focus on the Synod message, brand and image across the church and world drove her to lead the development of Eyes of Life, the LCMS presence at national and regional Marches for Life since 2015. She has been joyfully married to Jeffrey Nielsen for 34 years and they are the parents of three and the grandparents of five little boys and one little girl.  
Day 6 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – No greater cause than LIFE by Pastor Paul Clark, President, LFL of Michigan:   

Though I have been active in the pro-life movement now for over 30 years, there was a time when I did not think as much about the ramifications of Roe v. Wade.  But after marrying a wonderful woman who looked so forward to having children, and then as I pursued pre-seminary studies and dug deeper into the Word of the Lord, it became apparent that abortion was an abomination in every way. On top of that, when my wife and I tried to conceive children and could not, we pursued the road of adoption, which has been the greatest blessing of our lives with our three wonderful children.  As adoptive parents, the horror of abortion struck even closer. Contemplating all the babies killed in the womb, and especially when we and many other married couples anxiously waited and waited for the chance to adopt, was painful to say the least. Since then, I have become a pastor and speaker for Life, and to this day, I do not believe there is any cause greater than this—to defend the sanctity of human life.  

 LIFE WEEK 2021 – Inspired by You by Pastor Jeff Duncan, Director of Mission and Ministry:

What do I love about working for LFL? The real question is, what don’t I love about working for LFL? Here everyone has a heart that yearns to support and encourage the God-given gift of life. 

This is not just a talking point. From the top to the bottom, this is an organization that cares for, supports, encourages, works for, prays for, provides for, and loves every lifeTo be a Lutheran for Life is to know the value of every life regardless of what the culture thinksIt is challenging – incredibly challenging indeed – to be ‘For Life’ when so much of our culture affirms and even praises death. Yet every time I write an article for Life Date, every presentation made to a Life Team or Life Chapter, every participation in a Regional or National Conference, every ‘For Life Live’ event I host, every display table staffed at conference, every endeavor has the desire to equip the saints with life-affirming information, dispelling the culture of death and making room for the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ. What isn’t there to love about working for LFL in this capacity? 

Even more, there is the pleasure of meeting, speaking to, praying for and with the hundreds (more like thousands) of life-affirming volunteers in our network of Life Teams/Chapters. Many are ‘life-long’ supporters of the unborn and vulnerable segments of society. Nearly 50-years post the Roe v. Wade decision, these volunteers have been tireless witnesses that God loves life. They have adopted children, supported Pregnancy Resource Centers, marched against abortion, and held signs pronouncing God’s forgiveness for participation in abortion decisions. It is because of them and all they do that makes working at LFL such a blessing! 

Life Week 2021 – Day 6 Video Testimonial – Abby S.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 7 – January 29 – I Am Indispensable

Day 7 Fact Sheets
Day 7 Church Activities
Day 7 School Activities
Day 7 Devotional

I Am Indispensable (PDF)

Day 7 Zoom One-Hour Presentation for Youth – Panel Discussion

7:00 p.m. CST / 8:00 p.m. EST

Meeting ID: 863 1277 9776

Passcode: 815150

Amy Skogerboe is a pastor’s wife and boy momma of five from the Chicago, Illinois, area. Amy is a dual home business owner with a background in teaching and educational leadership. She is passionate about inspiring the generations behind her to pursue greater freedom in Jesus while anchoring their identity solidly in both His grace and truth. She is a daughter of the King and your sister in Christ. 

Deaconess Chrissie Gillet joined Lutherans For Life to serve as the Word of Hope Director in April of 2017. As a Veteran staff psychologist and certified deaconess, she has an acute understanding of both, the secular worldview and a Christ-centered identity. Her vocations as pastor’s wife and mother of seven further motivate her compassion for life. Chrissie primarily answers the Word of Hope hotline calls and emails, during which she listens without personal judgment while also responding in Christian truth and love. She will go above and beyond to connect people with local services and natural supports but can offer diaconal counseling when appropriately necessary. Beyond her typical hotline responsibilities, Chrissie writes articles, publicly speaks along with her service dog Phoebe, and leads Bible studies on a range of topics related to life issues.

Carl Nuffer lives with Down syndrome as an example of how vibrant and challenging life can be with an extra chromosome. As an outcome of full inclusion, Carl graduated from Blackhawk Christian High School and from a college experience at Taylor University. He worked at the YMCA for 15 years before moving to Traverse City, Michigan, due to COVID. He owned his own home, proudly calling himself “man of the house.”  He is currently volunteering in Traverse City, awaiting the local fitness centers to reopen and hire again. Carl enjoys the Special Olympics, his tech stuff, family, and church. 

Pat Nuffer lives in Traverse City, Michigan, and is a lifelong advocate for people with disabilitiesRaised with a brother with cognitive challenges and schooled as a speech pathologist specializing in stroke recovery and stuttering, gave her sensitivity before Carl was bornDeaconess training at the Seminary in Fort Wayne took her to South Sudan to start a training center mission there, Hands of Mercy, which she continues to direct. Life in Traverse City with retired professor/pastor husband, Rick, continues to be full with relocating Carl, volunteer work with NAMI, her church Bible study, four grown children, and four grandchildren. 

Day 7 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Humble Prayer by Katie Friedrich, Office Assistant: 

What do I love about working for LFL? The fun people around me. What brought me to LFL? Lowell and my dad. What for-life message I would like to share? 2 Chronicles 7:14 ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…’.” 

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Being ACTIVE for LIFE by Flint Hills Lutherans for Life – Manhattan, Kansas:  

  Since January 2020, we have …  

    • had a servant event making baby blankets to give to Life Choice Ministries. 
    • hosted an LFL speaker, Rev. Salemink, who presented the inspiring “Speaking the Truth in Love.” 
    • supported Life Choice Ministries by donating $1000 to their “virtual” walk for life.  
    • made two-sided bulletin inserts with short articles and announcements to send to the 10 LCMS churches in our Chapter area. We used articles from the Lutherans For Life Facebook group and other sources. 
    • heard from a speaker on the challenges of those in nursing facilities during this time and how the staff meets the challenges of loneliness and depression in residents.
    • had a servant event making door and room decorations for the area nursing facilities, also making ‘thinking of you’ cards. 
    • planned our second annual ‘Giving Tree’ to gather items for Life Choice Ministries.  
    • painted cardboard trees to distribute to eight LCMS churches with leaves to “pick” off with an item written on them to purchase and bring back to church. 

Life Week 2021 – Day 7 Video Testimonial – Hallie B.

Life Week 2021 – Day 7 Video Testimonial – Nathaniel B.

Life Week 2021 – Day 7 Video Testimonial – Rebekah B.

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Life Week 2021 – Day 8 – January 30 – You are Indispensable

Day 8 Fact Sheets
Day 8 Church Activities
Day 8 School Activities
Day 8 Devotional

You Are Indispensable

Day 8 Zoom One-Hour Presentations for Youth with Pastor Hans Fiene and Michelle Bauman
  • 8:00 a.m. CST / 9:00 a.m. EST
  • Meeting ID: 895 5508 4619
  • Passcode: 563456
  • Rev. Hans Fiene is the pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Crestwood, Missouri, and the creator of Lutheran Satire—a project intended to teach the Lutheran faith through comical videos, music, and other forms of media. Rev. Fiene has written numerous articles for various publications on life issues. He also founded, along with his wife Katie, Swaddling Clothes—a non-profit dedicated to providing families in need with clothing, diapers, and other necessities associated with children. God has blessed Rev. Fiene and Katie with four sons.  
  • God has created and redeemed all people; His work brings value and meaning to all lives. Join us to discuss practical ways we, Christ’s lights in the world, can proclaim the message that all lives are indispensable! 
  • Michelle Bauman joined the Lutherans for Life team on June 1, 2019. She earned her Lutheran Teaching Degree in secondary education from Concordia Nebraska (1998) and a Masters degree in English from the University of Indianapolis (2011)Before joining Lutherans for Life, Michelle taught middle school English at Holy Cross Lutheran School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, (1998-2002) and English, Drama, and Speech at Trinity Lutheran High School in Seymour, Indiana (2002-2019). Michelle also served as the Trinity’s Recruitment Director (2004-2017). She lives in Columbus, Indiana, with her husband and two sons, Nathaniel and Simeon, and attends St. Paul Lutheran Church, Clifty, where her husband serves as pastor. 
Day 8 Testimonials

LIFE WEEK 2021 – Worth Dying For by Michelle Bauman, Director of Y4Life 

God’s work in our lives is intimate and personal. He formed each of us by hand, planned and prepared for each of us before the foundation of the world, and promises to provide all that we need. As Christians, we know that Jesus is God’s promise kept. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Christ’s sacrifice gives value to the unborn and the dying. His love and mercy sustain the oppressed; His blood makes our present suffering holy and hope filled. Why should we share the message of LIFEBecause in Christ, God declares each life worth dying for. 

Life Week 2021 – Day 8 Video Testimonial – Emma B.

Life Week 2021 – Day 8 Video Testimonial – Olivia P.

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