“Children are blessings—gifts from God—and not commodities or projects for parents to do as they please. The sanctity of marriage must be considered. The Lord established marriage as the context for the procreation of a child. Marriage is not to be compartmentalized into separate acts of marriage and procreation. Marriage and procreation are God’s work. They are not separate entities. Any form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) that separates the relational aspect of marriage from procreation must be avoided. [G]od’s word does not specifically address ART. However, it does have plenty of positive things to say about marriage, procreation, and proper motivation for the decisions we make. [T]he Christian is called to trust in God and His promises which find their ‘yes’ in Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Dr. Robert Weise, from “The Pain of Infertility” commentary from the GOD’S WORD for Life Bible.

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