Lutherans For Life will work with you to help meet your needs for a speaker at a rally, convention, Bible study, worship service, public or parochial school, college/university, or workshop/seminar. A variety of formats are available.

General speaker guidelines (may vary by individual):

  • Airfare/Mileage: Actual airfare and/or current standard IRS mileage rate to airport or event.
  • Lodging: Quiet, nonsmoking hotel room.
  • Honorarium: Affiliated speakers for Lutherans For Life are not in a paid position. Therefore, we ask that sponsoring groups provide an honorarium for affiliated speakers. The sponsoring group determines the amount of the honorarium. Honorariums depend on number of events. Honorariums begin at $200.
  • Meals: $25 per day unless other arrangements are made.
  • Other: A lectern will be needed. A TV, video projector, DVD player, and screen may be needed.


Jean Amundson (nationwide – based in Cleburne, Texas)
Linda D. Bartlett (nationwide – based in Iowa Falls, Iowa)
Rev. Paul M. Clark (nationwide – based in Fowler, Michigan)
Connie Davis (nationwide – based in Macomb, Michigan)
John Eidsmoe (nationwide – based in Pike Road, Alabama)
Kim Hardy (nationwide – based in Grand Haven, Michigan)
Kristi Hofferber (nationwide – based in Bethalto, Illinois)
Kimberly Ketola (nationwide – based in Peachtree City, Georgia)
Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb (nationwide and Canada – based in Marshalltown, Iowa)
Sheila Luck (nationwide – based in Scandinavia, Wisconsin)
Marie K. MacPherson (Minnesota and border states – based in Mankato, Minnesota)
Ryan C. MacPherson (nationwide – based in Mankato, Minnesota)
Allen Quist (within Minnesota and Iowa – based in St. Peter, Minnesota)
Rev. Michael W. Salemink (nationwide and Canada – based in St. Louis, Missouri)
Andrew Schatkin (nationwide – based in the New York/Long Island area)
Rev. Caleb Schewe (nationwide – based in Monticello, Iowa)
Alvin J. Schmidt (nationwide and in Canada – based in St. Louis, Missouri)
Carl F. Schroeder (nationwide – based in Lombard, Illinois)
Diane E. Schroeder (nationwide – based in Lombard, Illinois)
Patti Smith (nationwide – based in Huntington Beach, California)
Francis W. Szarejko (nationwide – based in the Kansas City, Missouri, area)
Ed Szeto (nationwide – based in Virginia)
Rev. Luke Timm (nationwide – based in Des Moines, Iowa)