Life Week 2021 – Day 7 – January 29 – Zoom Presentation – Y4Life in Washington, D.C. – Night 2 – Panel Discussion – I Am Indispensable

Amy Skogerboe is a pastor’s wife and boy momma of five from the Chicago, Illinois, area. Amy is a dual home business owner with a background in teaching and educational leadership. She is passionate about inspiring the generations behind her to pursue greater freedom in Jesus while anchoring their identity solidly in both His grace and truth. She is a daughter of the King and your sister in Christ.

Deaconess Chrissie Gillet joined Lutherans For Life to serve as the Word of Hope Director in April of 2017. As a Veteran staff psychologist and certified deaconess, she has an acute understanding of both, the secular worldview and a Christ-centered identity. Her vocations as pastor’s wife and mother of seven further motivate her compassion for life. Chrissie primarily answers the Word of Hope hotline calls and emails, during which she listens without personal judgment while also responding in Christian truth and love. She will go above and beyond to connect people with local services and natural supports but can offer diaconal counseling when appropriately necessary. Beyond her typical hotline responsibilities, Chrissie writes articles, publicly speaks along with her service dog Phoebe, and leads Bible studies on a range of topics related to life issues.

Carl Nuffer lives with Down syndrome as an example of how vibrant and challenging life can be with an extra chromosome. As an outcome of full inclusion, Carl graduated from Blackhawk Christian High School and from a college experience at Taylor University. He worked at the YMCA for 15 years before moving to Traverse City, Michigan, due to COVID. He owned his own home, proudly calling himself “man of the house.”  He is currently volunteering in Traverse City, awaiting the local fitness centers to reopen and hire again. Carl enjoys the Special Olympics, his tech stuff, family, and church.

Pat Nuffer lives in Traverse City, Michigan, and is a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities. Raised with a brother with cognitive challenges and schooled as a speech pathologist specializing in stroke recovery and stuttering, gave her sensitivity before Carl was born. Deaconess training at the Seminary in Fort Wayne took her to South Sudan to start a training center mission there, Hands of Mercy, which she continues to direct. Life in Traverse City with retired professor/pastor husband, Rick, continues to be full with relocating Carl, volunteer work with NAMI, her church Bible study, four grown children, and four grandchildren.