Life Week 2021 – Day 3 – January 25 – Zoom Presentation – The Unborn are Indispensable

Erin Maggard

Our children are an indispensable part of the blessings which God promises to us. His people anticipate these children with joy and, when we reject His blessing, joy quickly becomes deep sorrow.

Erin Maggard is the wife of a Lutheran pastor and stepmom to an adult daughter. She grew up in the South, but the adventure of married life has taken her to the Wyoming mountains, the Midwest plains, and the California coast. Having now left snowy winters behind, she finds joy in gardening and is an amateur backyard orchardist—when she’s not at her day job as an IT professional. Erin aborted her first and only child in 1997, and after decades of regret and pain, now speaks and writes against the sin of abortion. Contact her at