February 25, 2021

LifeDate Spring 2021 – We All Belong

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Inside this edition of LifeDate

From the Executive Director of Mission and Ministry
10 Blessings of Foster Care by Pastor Michael Salemink

Abortion/Post Abortion/Alternatives
Abortion Pill Reversal – Saving a Pregnancy by Jennifer Kendrex
One Man’s Story of Grief and Grace by Steve Deysher
We Will Not Fall Silent by Pastor Michael Salemink
LFL National Team Retreat – February 2021

Family Living
Jordan by Lynette Auch
No Child Goes Unwanted by Pastor Michael Salemink
We ALL Belong by Mona Fuerstenau
Chosen by Marie K. MacPherson

Lutherans For Life Resources

Life Thoughts in the Church Year

World News

Spotlight on Lutherans For Life
Share the Life Message All Through the Year! / Word of Hope
For Whom the Bell Tolls by Michelle Bauman
Life Work in 2020: Shaped 4 Good by Michelle Bauman
Stop the Silence Run 2020 by Ella Bolen
Walk for Life – Step Up 4 Life
For Life Live!/Chats 4Life/What About Monday?/Hope-Day Wednesday Bible Study/Frontline Call
2021 LFL Regional Conferences/LAMBS – Lutherans Assembling Mercy Blankets/Estate Planning/Real Estate for Life/LFL on Social Media
2021 – A New Year FOR Babies? by Donna Zuehlk