Kongsvinger Lutheran Church, rural Oslo, Minnesota, partnered with the Christian satire site, The Babylon Bee, for a March 11, 2022, charity event. Beneficiaries included the Grand Forks (ND) Women’s Pregnancy Center and Lutherans For Life. Kyle Mann, Chief Editor, The Babylon Bee provided insight into the workings of the Babylon Bee via a livestream presentation and dialogue from his location in California.

Except for 2021 (COVID-19), Kongsvinger has sponsored an annual charity event for over 20 years. The last occurred on March 13, 2020—the weekend that marked the beginning of business and social closures for “15 days to flatten the curve.” Ok, so the virus didn’t get the memo. The March 11-13 weekend thus marks the second anniversary of pandemic closures.

Since 2016, hundreds of Babylon Bee satire pieces have provided a daily laugh to millions—often by forcing readers to laugh at themselves. Using comic elements to expose the realities of society, the satirical pieces use irony, humor, and exaggeration to show the follies and misdoings of elements in society. Among other elements, The Babylon Bee takes on the topics your parents told you to avoid in polite company: religion and politics. Political correctness took a break for the evening.