Series: LFL National Conference
Keywords: creation, life issues Speakers: Brian Young


Creation Instruction Association teaches and confesses the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of the Word of God, not just for theology but for our scientific understanding and morals as well. Science does not interpret Scripture, rather Scripture interprets Scripture. Though we believe the doctrine of creation is important, it is secondary to the Gospel; however, we see the doctrine of creation as a foundation for the Gospel of Christ. We hold to a young earth just a few thousand years old; a global flood of Noah; sin, death, and disease through the curse in the Garden; and salvation through Jesus. We believe all of mankind have sinned, but the Holy Spirit enables the sinner to repent and believe upon Jesus Who was conceived of the virgin Mary, Who was placed on the cross to suffer and die, and Who rose physically from the dead to redeem those who repent and call upon Him. We believe in the Trinity and salvation through Jesus Christ alone and by His grace alone.

Hope For Life – 2017 LFL Regional Conferences