September 14, 2012

Scripture for Today

The Health of the Mother by Pastor Mark Jeske

What’s wrong with gender selection?

Steven Curtis Chapman, Katherine Heigel, Josh Kelley, Ne-Yo Gather in Support of Adoption

Human Trafficking – The Progeny of the One Child Policy by Marcus Robert

Is Abortion Ever “Necessary?” The Evidence Says “No!” by Elizabeth Crnkovich

It’s babies lost, not born, that tend to shorten a mother’s life by Priscilla K. Coleman

This excerpt from the above story caught my eye:

“As a psychologist without medical training, any hypotheses that I have are largely restricted to mediational processes involving mental health variables. There is significant evidence that an abortion experience increases a woman’s risk for experiencing mental health problems and when women are anxious, depressed, or abusing substances, they are more prone to experiencing accidents, negative partner relationships, and suicide, and their overall physical health may decline rendering them more susceptible to chronic and acute physical ailments.”

Here is an article that dicusses fertility rates in Australia–with a little royal news mixed in: Just your average couple: one for mum, one for dad … and none for the country by Stephanie Gardiner 

Video: Bullied teen Jillian leaves Demi Lovato in tears, makes memorable ‘X Factor’ debut

What to even say? Here’s a couple columns reacting to the director of “The Notebook” and his comments on incest. 

Here Comes Incest, Just as Predicted by Michael Brown

A-List Hollywood Director Endorses Incest by Wesley J. Smith