May 23, 2019


Florida Abortion Statistics Debunk Common Pro-Choice Argument by Alexandra Desanctis

Pro-Choice Rhetoric Demeans Women Who Have Suffered Miscarriages And Stillbirth by Amelia Koehn

Yes, Banning Abortion Reduces Abortion Rates by Lyman Stone – “Let’s not kid ourselves. Abortion restrictions work. They have large, rapid effects and save tens of thousands of lives from the cruelty of murder in the womb.”

The Most Bizarre Leftist Arguments for Keeping Abortion Legal (and I Thought I Had Heard them All) by Gary DeMar

What Do Rape Victims Say About Their Pregnancies? by Stephanie Gray – “Women who faced the unspeakable horror of rape, with a resulting pregnancy, speak out on what that experience was like and why they chose life.”

New York Times Op-Ed: “Abortion Saves Lives” by Alexandra Desanctis

Ending Abortion Is Worth Any Economic Consequence by Erick Erickson

NPR guide on abortion terminology: “Babies are not babies until they’re born” by Calvin Freiburger


No, People Shouldn’t Commission A Grandchild Using Their Dead Son’s Sperm by Libby Emmons – “Posthumous sperm collection has been going on in the United States since the 1970s. Its authorized procurement and use has been determined on a case-by-case basis.”

Family Living

Teen diagnosed with early menopause says she won’t ever “come to terms” with devastating diagnosis by Michael Bartiromo

Movies – Television – Video

Media Scrambles To Discredit Abby Johnson’s Pro-Life Conversion, And Fails by Steven Katz – “Why don’t the same reporters who have invested so much time in trying to debunk Abby’s story devote a fraction of their efforts to uncover the answer to these basic questions?

Canadian Theaters Ban “Unplanned” Movie Just Because It’s Pro-Life by Gabriel Hays

Tim Conway was a kind soul, with a gentle sense of humor. Maybe his faith played a role in that? by Terry Mattingly


Video: The Promise by The Martins


Growing Number of States Pass Legislation Taking Aim at Roe v. Wade by Jonathan Abbamonte

Sexual Purity

The Sexual Revolutionaries Got Sexual Satisfaction All Wrong by David French

Worldview and Culture

How Controlling Pop Culture Helps The Left Dominate Abortion Debates by Carrie Gress

Reaching for the “Little House on the Prairie” Kind of Life by Cheryl Smith