December 17, 2012

Scripture for Today

Lutherans For Life Weeps with those in Newtown

They were innocent children in a secure place and they should have been safe. But the murderer breached the security and violated that safe place and took their lives.

The tragic deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut are incomprehensible. The grief of those who loved them also beyond what most of us can comprehend. But God tells us to “weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15) and so, as much as humanly possible, Lutherans For Life weeps with all those affected by this unconscionable attack on the defenseless and vulnerable.

We do not pray that God would help us make sense out of this for it will remain forever senseless. We do pray that God, whose love is not demonstrated in the absence of tragedy, but in a manger and on a cross, would reach out through His people, the Body of Christ, and bring strength and hope to those who weep.  

Learning through the Suffering by Jen Green

My Fox Show Monologue by Mike Huckabee – On reaction to his comments about the horrific shootings in Connecticut.

Not the Time – When Being Beats Speaking by John Stonestreet – “Christians are called to a higher standard, and it’s during tragedies like we saw on Friday where we rise to the occasion or fail to do so.”

Prayer “While Reading the News” by Martin Franzmann

The Grace of Heaven by Rev. Dr. Noel Due

Giving a voice to the 491 Canadian children who survived abortions and were left to die by Melissa Ohden

Why is Government (and Society) Discouraging Childbearing? by Elizabeth Crnkovich

Bishop tells British Prime Minister: You are undermining the very nature, meaning & purpose of marriage – This is well worth reading.

Duma backs denouncement of adoption deal with US – Of course, there needs to a good process in place for international adoption. But why do so many countries make it so incredibly hard for people to do it. People who would gladly open their hearts and home.  After reading this story, a friend of mine wrote, “You know, I’m starting to get to the point where I’m not surprised by any of this. Any time they don’t get their way on something, they hold this over heads as a political barganing chip. These are kids lives … lives the Russian government seemingly wouldn’t otherwise care about.” (For some hopeful news–and opportunities–on Russian adoption check out the Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project online and on Facebook.)

Chivalry: The Opposite of Good Manners? by Mona Charen – “The code persists despite feminists’ best efforts.”

“It Wasn’t His Child” by Trisha Yearwood – with commentary by Dr. Russell D. Moore

Video: Your Baby’s Development Month by Month

Video: “Aaron”: a pro-life video you will want to watch and to share by Dave Andrusko