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A Life Team is a Gospel-motivated group of church members that communicates and shares the abundant love of Christ, in life issues within the church, and outward into the community. Members are equipped through specialized training to be a relational conduit of expertise and practical resources pertaining to the multifaceted aspects of life ministry.

These teams are designed to help the pastor with what otherwise might be an overwhelming task. Life Teams are unified, trusted teams that the pastor can utilize to provide life-issue expertise, consistent initiatives, and access to dedicated resources. A Life Team will also help the pastor engage and inform the congregation from the pulpit, through Sunday school, and through youth and adult education about the importance of protecting the sanctity of human life at all stages.

Life Team Resources

LFL Life Teams Map (as of April 1, 2020)

Life Team Brochure

Gospel-Motivation, the Local Church, and Championing Life Brochure 

How You Can “Speak” On Behalf of Those that Have No Voice

Life Ministry FAQs – Check out the FAQs for help in deciding the right approach for life ministry in your congregation and area. 

We want to hear your questions! Contact Lutherans For Life at lifeteams@lutheransforlife.org or 515.382.2077.