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LFL Frontline Call – July 10, 2023

Life Ministry Playbook
Rev. Jeff Duncan, former Assistant Director of Volunteer Relations, leads a session titled “The Life Ministry Playbook.” Lutherans For Life produces great resources. Are you using them all or many or any? This simple playbook format will outline ways that your life ministry can engage your congregation, your membership, and your community to equip and support the life issues you face. We will be looking at the end-of-life issues that confront us all and give examples that can be duplicated for most other life issues as well.

(Note 11/3/23 | The Frontline Playbook concept provided in this video has been updated. Read more: The Frontline Playbook)

Life Sunday
Beth Kraegel, President of the Dupage County LFL #083 shares how their group equipped congregations and pastors for a Life Sunday commemoration. Their encouragement and efforts resulted in several dozen churches using LFL Life Sunday materials. Learn how an LFL Life Chapter or Life Team can be an effective For Life witness while also providing material support.

If you have projects you would like to share or questions to be answered, email or call the LFL national office at 888.364.LIFE (5433) or 515.382.2077.

LFL Frontline Call – April 10, 2023

We invite you to watch this important session as we have good news to share that affects you directly.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we are providing unique opportunities for your Life Chapter, Life Team, or Life Advocate to engage your congregations in both recognizing this event and help LFL further our ministry provided for you.

Along with regular LFL updates, we will share some exciting developments in volunteer relations that will enhance your For Life work and engage new life ministries in churches across the country. We ask you to help multiply those efforts which are vital parts of a healthy life ministry.

May the Lord bless your life-affirming efforts as you strive to share God’s love For Life to a world in need of hearing it!

LFL Frontline Call – January 9, 2023

Life Week 2023 runs from January 15-21, 2023, and four Zoom gatherings on specific life issue topics will be offered. Everyone in Frontline Life Chapters and Life Teams will benefit from knowing how to use these and prior Zoom events. All are appropriate for actively engaging your congregations and community throughout 2023! Join this one hour Zoom Frontline Conference Call and you’ll take home plenty of ideas to keep your group engaged in 2023 and beyond!

LFL Frontline Call – October 10, 2022

Life Team members from Trinity Lutheran Church, Auburn, Illinois, describe their Son Shine project—a ministry to shut-ins and the recently bereaved.

Rev. Jeff Duncan also leads Life Team Training – Facet #6 | Resourced – As a trusted, multi-faceted, consistent, unified, Gospel-motivated ministry of your local congregation, the Life Team ought to be “resourced” by that congregation. No mission group operates in our world without being funded. Resourced Life Teams don’t worry about the support of financial or other assets because they know their work of equipping the members and their neighbors in all areas of the life arena are part of how the Lord of the Church brings the Gospel of forgiveness, hope, and restoration to those in need!

Download: Life Team Training 6 – Resourced PowerPoint

LFL Frontline Call – July 11, 2022

Virginia Flo, Director of Volunteer Relations for Lutherans For Life, will lead a session titled, “How Can I Support My Local Pregnancy Resource Center?”

As of June 24, 2022, we live in a “Post-Roe World.” Thanks be to God, the SCOTUS decision ended an era of federal regulations on abortion. Once again, the decision has moved to the local and state level. That is also where abortion vulnerable women need Godly and appropriate support, information, and, most especially, the hope found only in the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus who is the author of all life! You are encouraged to support life by supporting those who seek out your local pregnancy resource center (PRC). But how do you know this is the proper center to support? What questions might be asked to assure your support goes to centers that are biblically-based and do not refer clients to abortion facilities? What education programs guide women (and men) beyond the pregnancy? What are ways you can become active to volunteer and help? Learn basic skills to interview and support your local PRC and thus become a greater ‘Gospel-motivated voice for Life’ in your community!

Download PowerPoint: How to Support Your Local Pregnancy Center

Pastor Jeff Duncan, Assistant Director of Volunteer Relations for LFL, will present Life Team Training on “Facet #5 – Trusted.”

In Facet #5 of Life Team training, we discover why all Life Teams seek to be Trusted by their church leadership, members, and community. Reliability, confidence, and dependability are important aspects of an effective and believable Life Team. How will you bring this assurance to the church leadership and community you serve even as you seek to be that Gospel-motivated voice of truth For Life?

LFL Frontline Call – April 11, 2022

LFL Frontline Call – January 10, 2022

LFL Frontline Call – July 12, 2021


A presentation on website effectiveness and usage for Life Teams/Chapters with Roni Grad, Catalina Lutheran Church Life Team. He will discuss website effectiveness for Life Teams/Life Chapters and how to organize/implement a Team/Chapter page for information equipping.

Pastor Jeff Duncan will lead a Life Team training session on one of the 9-Facets of Life Teams. This month: Gospel-motivated. LFL wants to promote these opportunities for learning and encouragement of your Life Team/Life Chapter, especially now in these difficult times.

The last two minutes of each presentation are for Q & A from listeners.

Frontline Call – January 11, 2021 – Life Week 2021

Life Week 2021