October 21, 2011

National Lutherans For Life just received this update from Lowell Bloemker of Fremont Area LFL on their cross display and other outreach efforts. 

Lowell wrote, “We just completed our cross display for this summer. They were set up in eight locations around Nebraska including Norfolk, two locations in Sioux City, Chadron, Alliance, Scottsbluff, Grand Island (during the state fair) and finally here in Fremont …

“We had a booth at the county fair in Scribner, Nebraska, and passed out cards and Precious Feet pins to confirmands around the Fremont area again this year.

“We’re planning on fighting Planned Parenthood’s attempt to open a clinic here in Fremont. We hope and pray we’re successful in this endeavor.”

We are grateful for the work of Fremont Area LFL and other chapters, federations, Life Ministry Coordinators, and Life Advocates around the country. If you would like find out more about how you can get involved For Life give us a call at 888.364.LIFE or info@lutheransforlife.org.