December 1, 2010

In a new paper released today by FRC’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute, Dr. Patrick Fagan provides hard data showing that adoption is a great benefit to both children and parents. Dr. Fagan is Senior Fellow and Director of FRC’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI), which examines the relationships among family, marriage, religion, community, and America’s social problems, as illustrated in the social science data. “Adoption is an act of love that has profound implications for the lives and well-being of both children and parents,” says Dr. Fagan. “It is love expressed by a birth-mother who gives-up a child for whom she cannot provide to parents who want to give love to a child for whom they long desperately. The new study shows how adoption benefits children in a variety of ways, establishing from science what we know intuitively: Adoption changes lives for the good. Dr Fagan notes that many adopted children move to materially advantaged homes with few or no children, where they are nurtured by supportive, focused parents. Very early adoptions (those that take place within the first year of the child’s life) produce the best outcomes. Ninety-percent of adopting Americans view the practice in a positive light, and a decade after adopting, less than 15 percent express any regret.


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