January 28, 2020

Did you know that Lutherans For Life does more than speak about the sanctity of life?

We also show it! We motivate, we educate, we organize, and we activate Life Chapters and Life Teams. (Find all the details here.) Currently over 150 of our volunteer communities are operating in congregations and neighborhoods across the country. It allows us to reach right into the lives of over 200,000 individuals every year. We get to touch the very hearts endangered by abortion, assisted suicide, and other life-and-death issues. And we employ only the most positive, most powerful message in creation—the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Listen to these Gospel-motivated voices from Illinois to find out just how we do it:

“Our Life Team facilitates a bottle drive to benefit our local pregnancy help center annually. One of our members told how when her daughter was facing an unplanned pregnancy, both she and the boyfriend’s mother began researching low-cost help in getting pregnancy testing and health care. Because the bottles were passed out in church with contact information for the help center printed on them, this mother called and made an appointment for her daughter. Meanwhile, the boyfriend’s mother looked on Google and suggested Planned Parenthood for the pregnancy test and follow-up care. By the grace of God, the appointment at the pregnancy center was already set up. The couple found themselves loved and supported, went through parenting classes, and gave birth to a beautiful child. This grandmother said, ‘I don’t know who is responsible, but I’m sure glad our church does this!’”

What if this was happening in every city in America? What if we could get it going in the more than 10,000 Lutheran churches we’ve connected with? Wouldn’t you want to have a hand in it? Wouldn’t you want to take part and share the joy? You can through a generous financial gift today! Witness with us as hearts are changed and lives are saved right now!

We’re making this ministry happen nationwide. We’re counseling and coaching from New Mexico to New Hampshire. We’re traveling and visiting from California to Connecticut. We’re equipping and encouraging from Oregon to Florida, not to mention our ten midwestern LFL State Federations. It looks like this in Nebraska:

“My favorite story is the child we helped save from abortion. He is now enrolled in our Sunday school and was baptized along with his sister who will enter our parochial school in the fall. They are currently in our day-care program.”

And here’s what’s in motion in Montana:

“We are in our 4th year of purchasing diapers for moms who have been through tough personal challenges. We currently serve two single moms with multiple children. We provide diapers and wipes each month for a year. Well, we intended it to be for a year. We have developed such a relationship with them that we cannot say no. Both moms have completed their alcohol-dependency treatments and are currently living on their own. One mom finished her CNA and now plans to become an RNA!”

Don’t forget about Wisconsin:

“Hosted our annual Life Sunday breakfast. Shared pro-life information that prompted conversation, ideas, and prayers. Attendees even came from a couple local Catholic churches. The MD at the free ultrasound clinic shared how she uses the decorated frames we made and gave us a picture of one she recently gave out with the ultrasound picture to a mother who is planning to keep the baby now!”

Your offerings enable our national office staff to produce resources and provide guidance for them. Will you make your gift right now so we can continue, improve, and even expand these amazing activities?

We don’t have time or room to share all the reports—but maybe just a couple more incredible ideas from Illinois:

“We are also proud that we helped out at the Single-Moms Saturday event with a local radio station. We made cookies, washed and vacuumed cars, and visited with the single moms. We helped pay for any other repairs to their cars and also gave a free oil change.”

“I love to speak to the young kids at Sunday school during Life Sunday. We hand out baby bottles that they can collect change in which is then given to the local pregnancy center. They truly have an understanding that a baby is a baby no matter where it is located!”

And these wonderful events in Arizona:

“We meet twice a week to make quilts for newborns. And we prepare about 30-40 “Bundles of Joy” each year to donate to the New Life Pregnancy Center. In September, we had an intergenerational project in which the LWML taught the junior high youth how to tie a quilt. They packed up “Bundles of Joy”—diapers, clothing, toys, a Bible, and a card—to give to the low-income parents. All had a great time!”

“We went Christmas caroling in the neighborhood and shared the sanctity of life message while handing out copies of LFL’s Three Inches, Two Ounces brochure (LFL110T).”

There’s so much more you could make possible: special-needs Sunday school classes, state petitions, fatherhood mentoring, expert seminars, pregnancy-center fundraisers. Don’t settle for changing laws (although we hope for that too!)—help us change lives and change the world!

Please give now and let the least of these know they’re not alone!

We’ve audaciously arranged almost $1.2 million worth of this remarkable work for 2020, but we’ll fall short and let so many folks down without your fellowship. We need your donation—and so do they!