December 11, 2019

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From the Executive Director
“Did God Really Say … ?” by Pastor Michael Salemink

Abortion/Post Abortion/Alternatives
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread by Rev. Justin A. Herman
Come, Spirit of Truth by Lynette Auch

Family Living
Did God Really Say Yes to Sex? by Pastor Michael Salemink
Tips for Instilling Life Values in Children by Stephenie Hovland

Lutherans For Life – Bethesda Lutheran Communities
Did God Really Say Indispensable? by Mona Fuerstenau

Worldview and Culture
“Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?” by Virginia Flo

Lutherans For Life Resources

World News

Spotlight on Lutherans For Life
Share the Life Message All Through the Year! / Word of Hope
More than Historians by Michelle Bauman
A New Y4Life Team
“Exactly What God Would Want Us to Do” by Michelle Bauman
Our Frontlines Continue to Grow by Deaconess Rachel Geraci
LAMBs – Lutherans Assembling Mercy Blankets
2020 LFL Regional Conferences