May 22, 2018

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From the Executive Director
10 Reasons Embryo-Destroying Research Is Unnecessary by Rev. Michael W. Salemink

Abortion/Post Abortion/Alternatives
Calling Evil “Good” by Linda D. Bartlett

Voice of Truth by Lynette Auch
Innocuous Inoculations? by Rev. Michael W. Salemink
Bioethics in Luther’s Small Catechism by Ryan C. MacPherson, Ph.D

Family Living
A Turning Point by Diane E. Schroeder
Marvelous Are Your Works! by Marie K. MacPherson
A Father’s Prayer by Pastor Mark Jeske

Lutherans For Life Resources

Life Thoughts in the Church Year

World News

Spotlight on Lutherans For Life
Share the Life Message All through the Year!
Children of the Heavenly Father – A Visit to India by Rev. Scott Licht
Can You Believe This? A Very Shocking Statistic (Part One) by John Hawkins
2018 LFL National Conference – From Age to Age the Same
Thank You, Life Chapters!
2017 Congregational Auxiliaries – Organizations Donor Honor Roll
A Letter of Thanks to Every Member of Lutherans For Life by Rev. Michael W. Salemink