Keywords: abortion, culture


From our friends at Lutherans for Life of Australia:

The Christian church from it’s earliest times has been opposed to abortion based on Biblical teaching. We believe human life begins in the womb and that this life is sacred. But how can Christians respond in positive and practical ways to the reality of abortion? How can we be truly “pro-life” rather than only “anti-abortion”?

In this video Kairos host Joshua Pfeiffer sits down with fellow Lutherans for Life members Chelsea Pietsch and Meg Pearce to discuss ten ways Christians can respond to abortion and build a culture of life in their congregations, families and community. None of us claim to be experts in this area, but simply offer these as suggestions and starting points.

Here’s the list of the ten ways and a timeline for when they appear in the video:

  1. Encourage a culture of life in the home – 1:17

  2. Encourage a culture of life in our local churches – 4:26 min

  3. Promote an annual life Sunday – 7:52 min

  4. Acknowledge miscarriages and abortions in public and private – 9:32 min

  5. Draw attention to the Church’s public teaching on abortion – 15:09 min

  6. Develop or support educational opportunities for youth and young adults – 17:29 min

  7. Support pregnancy and post-birth support agencies – 23:05 min

  8. Advocate for the unborn and the vulnerable – 24:46 min

  9. Pray as a Church and as individuals – 31:55 min

  10. Preach the Gospel, make disciples and teach our true identity as Christians – 35:30 min

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