June 24, 2022

Lutherans For Life rejoices that an egregious injustice has been rectified. Thanks be to God for the Supreme Court’s reversal of the erroneous Roe v. Wade decision! Our nation and culture owe a great debt of gratitude to fifty years of Gospel-motivated voices For Life. Their faithful witness of courage and compassion has influenced successive generations to acknowledge the reality that God creates, redeems, and calls every human life to be His own precious treasure from fertilization to forever. And we delight to receive each one as a gift and a privilege.

Nevertheless, we recognize that significant labor remains. Attention turns from one court and one congress to fifty of them. Neighbors will continue experiencing surprise pregnancies. The devil will keep deceiving the public into viewing death as a solution to suffering. Millions among us still need relief from the guilt and healing from the grief over their part in abortion. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health verdict does not mandate the sanctity of unborn life but merely makes the federal government neutral. Even if federal policy did protect the endangered ones, it still falls to us as citizens to ensure that our communities reflect it in actual practice. Laws and leaders can foster good and forbid evil, but only the truth of God’s Word and the love of the Body of Christ can change hearts and save lives.

So, we rededicate ourselves all the more intently to speaking truth and showing love to the one right in front of us. Our nationwide network of life-minded servants remains committed to embodying and encouraging gentle relentlessness in an inevitably volatile environment. We pledge ourselves not to allow our fellowship to become apathetic following this positive development. And we are already undertaking to improve and expand our equipping of Gospel-motivated voices to declare and demonstrate the grace of God in Jesus Christ to all members of our race, no matter what age, appearance, or ability. May He bless our land, our authorities, and our people to have life and share it abundantly!