November 29, 2011

Scripture for Today

Daily Advent Video – This is a wonderful project from Premiere TV (Great Britain).

Portrait of a VERY modern 14-year-old – For cyring out loud.

Take My Jacket – Author and editor Adriane Dorr says, “Ladies, we have a real problem. It’s our clothing. And, in particular, it’s the clothing we wear to church.”

Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage – From Abby Johnson.

Abortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Finds

Little Girl With Down Syndrome Takes Modeling World by Storm

The Gospel According to “Peanuts” – How A Charlie Brown Christmas Almost Didn’t Happen

“Tis the Season”: Christmas on the Radio – A little more Christmas entertainment history from Elizabeth McLeod. Programs back in the day often featured the telling of the true Christmas story. There were plenty of Santa Claus programs too, of course. (“The Cinaman Bear” program mentioned in the article is a favorite of my son.)