November 15, 2011

Scripture Readings for Today

Geron Abandons Embryonic Stem Cell Research!

Down Syndrome Awareness Day Protects Kids From Abortions – March 21 is being proposed as the date to help bring awareness to the need to protect Down syndrome kids.

Is a ban on sex-selective abortion the best way to fight Roe v. Wade? – Millions of baby girls have been killed simply because they are girls.

YouTube Video Details Realities of RU-486

Fatherhood makes the man – Comments and stats from Carolyn Moynihan.

News to Note (from Answers in Genesis) – Our friends at AIG offer a good summary of Creation-related stories in the news–and offer a Biblical perspective on the issues involved.

No Good Samaritan – Today’s devotional from Lutheran Hour Ministries tells the tragic story of a little left to die in China.

The Pro-Life Defeat that Wasn’t – Kathryn Jean Lopez on the defeat of the Personhood initiative in Mississippi. 

Wait No More – Here’s a short video on a new book on foster care adoption available through Focus on the Family. It looks like a good one!

A Woman’s Body and Fatherlessness – This is a terrific post by Douglas Wilson.