September 4, 2018


Doctors Wanted to Abort Him One Day Before Birth, Now Baby Born the Size of a Coke Can is Thriving by Micaiah Bilger

ABORTION RACISM: Billboard markets abortion to black women as “self-care”


Video: Father Of 6 Brings Simon To Tears With Emotional Song


Don’t React by Abbot Tryphon – Some good thoughts from an Orthodox priest.

When You’re Weary and Exhausted from Life by Timothy W. Massaro

How to Pray – “Thy Kingdom Come” by R. J. Rushdoony


No Parent Should Ask a Child to Kill by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Video: Married Couple Dedicate Song To Unborn Daughter

More Cohabitation, Less Commitment by Medical Institute Science Department Staff

Sexual Purity

Sexual Integrity by Charlea Schueler

Worldview and Culture

The Cost of Our Digital Addictions by Matthew Hennessey 

Ordinary Greatness by Margaret Manning Shull

Our Civic Institutions Are Self-Destructing by Gracy Olmstead – “To avoid widespread tribalism and alienation we must commit to rebuilding anew.”

Protecting the Call God has Placed on You by Dr. Wayde Goodall

Former “Cosby” Star Geoffrey Owens Deserves Respect For Working At Trader Joe’s by Giancarlo Sopo – “In a fallen-from-grace-style exposé, the British tabloid Daily Mail revealed that Geoffrey Owens now works as a cashier at a Trader Joe’s making $11 an hour.”

If You Buy Abortion Supporters’ Logic, You Also Have To Support Slavery by Akhil Rajasekar – “While both camps make their fair share of arguments, their reluctance to directly engage the other side makes it unlikely that society will progress towards a better understanding of this highly divisive issue.”