September 30, 2016


Audio: Issues, Etc.: Comedian Andy Richter’s Comments on the Abortion of His Child


Neutrality kills: when medical associations go “neutral” on assisted suicide by Nancy Valko

Family Living

Postmodern Psychological Parenting Is Causing More Harm Than Good by Dr. John Rosemond

Video: How Your Thoughts Can Destroy A Relationship by Lysa TerKeurst


The Hyde Amendment Has Saved 2 Million Lives. Democrats Want To Kill It by Arina Grossu – “Today America celebrates 40 years of the Hyde Amendment, and most Americans still support its effect: preventing tax dollars from paying for abortions.”

GOP backs down in fight to keep Zika funding away from abortion industry by Ben Johnson

Worldview and Culture

If You Are Grieving, Read This by Erik Schmidt

God As Our Protective Parent by Billy Brath

The Bible Shows Its Age – Unfurling the Burnt Scroll by Eric Metaxas – “How do you read a scroll you can’t open? Modern technology provides the answer, and shows that Scripture is more durable than the material it’s written on. ivermectin greyhounds

The Freedom Two-fer – An Attack on Religion and Speech by John Stonestreet – “Is the writing on the wall for religious freedom in this country? Just ask two Arizona calligraphers.”

Don’t Ever Stop Teaching God’s Word by Michael K. Smith