September 27, 2017


You Won’t Believe What Texas Prosecutors Are Finding From Abortionists Opposing A Human Dismemberment Ban by Margot Cleveland – “Texas abortionists are literally arguing that killing babies before ripping them into pieces ‘is not feasible because some doctors do not currently do it, it is unsafe, and it is ineffective.’”

Dublin hotel cancels rape survivors talk because of pro-abortion protest threats


The World’s Savior by Rev. Ken Klaus

What If I Lose My Faith? by Pastor Mark Jeske

I’m a Failure by Pastor Mark Jeske

Worldview and Culture

The Gods We Love by James M. Kushiner  

Why Doesn’t God Always Heal? – Nabeel and Others Who Die too Young by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris

Misplaced compassion in the pro-life industry by Dr. Joel McDurmon – What do you think of the author’s point?

Uncanny parallels by Andrew Mullins – “The critique of a German theologian of Nazism is relevant to today’s struggle against gay marriage”

Taking a Knee Did Not Stop a Shooting in Chicago or Raise Anyone Out of Poverty by By Erick Erickson

The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Deepens by Stanley Kurtz

Baby in Car Seat Left on Side of Interstate with $5,500 Cash, Birth Certificate

Groom Saves Drowning Boy During his Wedding Photo Shoot