September 25, 2017


These Pro-Lifers Enter Abortion Centers To Talk With Mothers Scheduled For An Abortion by Jeremiah Keenan – “Last week’s incidents across the country, dubbed Red Rose Rescues, were inspired by the work of Mary Wagner, a Canadian pro-life activist.”

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists votes to decriminalize abortion – betrays its members, women and their babies

Here are a dozen things the media won’t tell you about Planned Parenthood by Carole Novielli


“Death Control” and the Bioethics Peril by Wesley J. Smith


It’s other people who are the racists by Pastor Mark Jeske

Family Living

Research: Today’s American Teens Delay Responsibility Longer Than Ever by Gracy Olmstead – “Whereas physical health may be on the rise among teens in the iGen generation, their mental health and wellbeing has declined.”

Six ways to encourage children to be less materialistic by Shannon Roberts – “Their self-esteem will thank you for it.”

Why You Should Keep Taking Your Kids To Church Even When It Feels Pointless by Emily Carrington – “Every Sunday families face the monumental challenge of getting out the door and to the service on time. In our house the baby always needs something right as it is time to leave.”

Fetal Development

Mother catches a glimpse of preborn baby on theme park’s thermal camera by Nancy Flanders

Worldview and Culture

Ten Easy Ways to Start Meaningful Dialogue by Amy K. Hall