September 21, 2018


Unborn babies in Ireland now have no right to life as Eighth is formally repealed

7 Lies Planned Parenthood’s New President Pushed On “The View” by Georgi Boorman – “Leana Wen is pushing the same propaganda that her Planned Parenthood predecessor Cecile Richards did, doubling down on the ‘abortion is health care’ meme.”

Why Does Planned Parenthood Actually Object To Meeting Basic Health Standards? by Nicole Russell – “A new lawsuit indicates Planned Parenthood officials don’t care if their clinics barely meet health requirements. So much for an organization that purports to care about women’s health.”

Investigation finds prenatal screening is fueling sex-selective abortion


Stem Cell Transplant to Treat the Unborn by Bradley Mattes

Why Knowledge Requires More Than Science by Aaron Brake


Tragedy in a Godless Universe by John UpChurch


Harvest euthanasia victims organs before they’re dead, say Canadian doctors

Family Living

Yes, Down Syndrome Is A Life Worth Living, And A Life Worth Saving by Dan Bartkowiak – “People with Down syndrome are at a growing risk of being targeted for abortion. And unless minds change, it’s only going to get worse.”

The Ball Brothers – It’s About the Cross

Christian Hoarding? Do We Own Stuff? Or Does Stuff Own Us? by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “Hoarding isn’t just a grotesque curiosity for TV voyeurs. It’s a real and present danger for Christ’s Church.”


Canadian pro-life billboard campaign sticks to the basics by We Need a Law


The Martins sing a Riverside Medley on “Another Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” – So good!

The Martins – The Promise


How Overturning Roe V. Wade Would Empower Women Beyond Their Wildest Dreams by Katherine Glenn Foster – “In 1992, the Supreme Court staked its abortion doctrine on the notion that women require abortion to vie for equal opportunity. That has been proven wrong time and time again.”

Sexual Purity

No, “All Unwanted Pregnancies” Are Not Caused By The “Irresponsible Ejaculations Of Men” by Joy Pullman – “If you are going to act like you know about human reproduction, get your freaking facts right. There’s enough false information floating out there.”

Sexuality a “Counter-Gospel” in Today’s Culture, Russell Moore Argues in New Book by Samuel Smith

Why Millennials Can’t Get Over Being Ghosted After Sex by Andrew Cureton – “In her raw, human account, Courtney Sender struggles to find an answer to a riddle many in my generation face: If I consented to casual sex, why do I feel abandoned when my partner leaves?”

Worldview and Culture

The Pagan Logic of Infanticide – Autonomy over Human Dignity by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Among the pagan practices vanquished by early Christians was infanticide. As Christianity fades in the West, so do our defenses against infanticide in all its grisly forms.”

Local Legislator Defends the Unborn with the Law by Jake MacAulay

7 Things For Parents And Church Members To Know About Protecting Kids From Abusers by Holly Scheer – “The wrongs of the past can’t be retroactively undone, of course, but houses of worship can implement realistic policies to help keep more kids safe in the future.”

The dignity of work in a celebrity-obsessed world by Naomi Schaefer Riley – “An actor between gigs says working at a grocery store is just as worthwhile.”

Why Our Day Is Far More Religious Than The Middle Ages Was by David Breitenbeck – “An educated man of the postmodern age can only repeat what he’s been told must be true and assume you are in some manner a bad person if you question it.”

State Fair by Jan Nordlinger