October 9, 2017


Faith and Planned Parenthood by Rev. Robert Fleischmann

Defenders of the Unborn: the virtue of steadfastness by William C. Duncan – “Chronicling the pro-life movement before Roe v. Wade.”

Fighting for Every Baby Every Time by Judie Brown


Being “Alive” Is Necessary for Attaining Moral Value by Wesley J. Smith

Fatal Flaw by Rev. Robert Fleischmann


What Did the Reformers Believe about the Age of the Earth? by Dr. Joel R. Beeke

Crisis Pregnancy

This Pre-Med Student Chose Life During Her Crisis Pregnancy And Found Her Dreams by Jay Hobbs – “With 54 percent of women who resort to abortion identifying themselves as Christians, Lauren found herself fighting a common battle between the redemptive promises of love and abortion.”


No Selfies Needed When God Offers His Grace by Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz 


2000 people die by euthanasia in Canada in first year of legalization – “That’s nearly 1% of all deaths.”

Opening Door to Assisted Suicide Organ Donors by Wesley J. Smith

Will assisted suicide always provide a quick and gentle death? by Michael Cook

Family Living

Video: 94-Year-Old With Dementia Plays Piano


Video: Eric Church “Why Not Me” For Las Vegas Victims

Sexual Purity

“Love Is Love”—or is it? by Michael Cook – “The slogan may be appealing, but it is meaningless and deceptive”

Worldview and Culture

One of the Most Compelling Bible Verses That Ought to Prompt Christians to Oppose Abortion by Maria Gallagher

After Tim Murphy, The Pro-Life Movement Must Demonstrate Fidelity To Its Core Beliefs by Gracy Olmstead – “The pro-life cause can appeal to Americans—but only if we stand up for life 100 cases out of 100, and not just when it’s personally convenient.”

In California: Use the wrong pronoun, go to jail by Heidi Munson

3 Wise Rules For Social Media From Martin Luther by Pamela Nielsen – “Believe it or not, there’s much we can learn from a sixteenth-century monk about how to navigate twenty-first-century social media.”

Your Choices on Social Media Change the Real-Life You by Amy K. Hall

Video: Mr. Rogers Says Always Look For Helpers During A Tragedy

Man who helped rescue kidnapped girl in Alexandria, Minnesota, gives her his $7K reward