October 9, 2015


“All Sorts Of Nasty”: These 39 Yelp Reviews Of Planned Parenthood Clinics Will Horrify You by Mollie Hemmingway – “‘Experience was awful,’ ‘insanely horrible,’ ‘filthy,’ ‘frankly, I am scared,’ ‘1 word: disgusting.'”

“Many times a little face will come out and stare back at you” by Dave Andrusko – “House Judiciary Committee’s second hearing on PPFA”

Abortion: A Cozy, Wholesome Experience? by Bradley Mattes

Audio: Nancy Pelosi, Abortion and Planned Parenthood Videos – An Issues, Etc. interview with Mollie Hemingway

Kelsey Grammer Sports Pro-Life Shirt on Abortion: “Would It Bother Us More if They Used Guns?” by Sarah Zagorski

Audio: A Response to Bill Nye’s Statement on Abortion – An Issues, Etc. interview with Greg Koukl


“I’ve recovered from terrifying locked-in syndrome”


Up the Wrong (Family) Tree? – Media-Driven Science by Eric Metaxas – “Are banner headlines and media hype influencing the way we do science? A cautionary tale …”


MDs: Declare Total Non-Cooperation with Euthanasia! by Wesley J. Smith

Sexual Purity 

Rihanna’s Sex Advice Is On Point by Bre Payton

About Not Waiting Till Marriage: What No One Tells Kids & What I Wish Someone Had Told Me by Ann

Worldview and Culture

How Our Culture of Narcissism Creates Trans Obsessions by David Marcus – “When we accept the basic arguments in favor of transgenderism we are more or less forced to accept the arguments for transablism as well.”

The pain of transgender regret by Walt Heyer

Assisted Cultural Suicide by Nate Jackson

What is natural? What is fitting? by J. Budziszewski – “Using our powers for unworthy purposes is unnatural.”

Christian punished for praying with colleague will appeal

Buzzfeed, Time, & Model Airplane Faith – Christianity Isn’t a Hobby by John Stonestreet –  “If we hope to see our culture take Christianity seriously, we’ve got to take it seriously ourselves. In other words, our faith has to be more than just a pastime.” 

11 Ways to Be the Church for Those Who Don’t Go to Church by Karl Vaters – “People need to know us before they can trust us. And they need to trust us before they’ll go to church with us.”

This and That

Vicar finds 400-year-old Bible by accident at church by Aaron James