October 31, 2017


No, Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Not Make Abortion Illegal by Margot Cleveland – “If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, abortion law will merely revert to the constitutionally charged lawmakers: those elected by the people to serve in the legislative branch.”


Family for All Ages Being Called to Adopt an Older Child by Chandres P. and Phyllis S.

Down Syndrome Adoption: Home with Caroline by Great Wall China Adoption / Children of All Nations


Man with Down Syndrome Justifies Life by Wesley J. Smith

Surrogacy Contracts Can Ruin Lives by Wesley J. Smith


God’s Success Story – “American humorist Arnold H. Glasow once said, ‘Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.’ Obviously, it’s easier said than done. As Christians, we know that true success in this earthly life is learning to know Jesus as the Savior from sin, thereby gaining eternal life. Of course, on our own, we would be completely unsuccessful. As sinful human beings, we naturally do what is wrong, we never go the right way, and we have terrible timing …”

Zombies by Pastor Mark Jeske

God and My Ignorance by Pastor Mark Jeske


Court rules brain damaged woman can be starved to death – based on old email

Never Enough Euthanasia in Canada by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

My Quest to Love, Honor, and Not Throw a Fit by Heidi Goehmann

When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister by Meadow Rue Merrill – “Helping kids heal after sibling loss.”

Here We Stand: Two Points on Marriage from the Augsburg Confession, Article XXIII by Justin Whitmore

Sexual Purity

How We Rescue a Sexually Broken Generation One Life at a Time by Susanne Maynes

There Will Always Be Women Willing to Sleep With Men to Get Ahead and Men Who Let Them by Erick Erickson

Worldview and Culture

October 31, 2017 – Reformation Day by Michael W. Salemink

Jesus and Islam in the Air by Rev. Alan Ludwig

Discovering Naboth’s Vineyard – Another Find of Biblical Proportions by Eric Metaxas & G. Shane Morris – “Sometimes I wish I’d become an archaeologist. Imagine discovering something like, oh, I don’t know, Naboth’s vineyard from 1 Kings.”

3 reasons why we are addicted to smartphones by Jaco J. Hamman – “They fulfill some basic needs, but not the need to show up in person and make a difference”

American Christianity Is In Crisis. Is There Reason To Hope For Renewal? by John Daniel Davidson – “Four recent books examine the state of Christianity in America and offer a vision of hope. But are these authors deemphasizing the trials ahead?”

How Roman Catholicism Can Get Protestantism Back To Its Reformation Roots by Peter Burfeind – “Protestant churches will claim a doctrinally correct view of justification, but what the doctrine means has no bearing on their worship practices. Not so with many Catholics.”

Answering Douglas Wilson’s incrementalist thought experiment by Dr. Joel McDurmon – What are your thoughts on the arguments presented in this article?

Notes for Life Newsletter — Fall 2017

Here’s The Reformation Day 411 For Its 500th Anniversary Today by Holly Sheer – “While this week is the anniversary of the first big publication associated with Protestant reformer Martin Luther, it wasn’t his most famous or world-changing work.”

What Is That? The Genius of Luther’s Small Catechism by Ryan Loeslie