October 31, 2016

After the Abortion

PDF: Study of Women who have had an Abortion and Their Views on Church – Sponsored by Care Net


Steep increase in Swiss assisted suicide by Michael Cook

Family Living

Video: Mother Of 3-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Shares Inspiring Story

Video: Strangers Help Grieving Dad Recover Late Wife’s Lullabies

Fetal Development

Video: Mother Proves Doctors Wrong When They Say She Miscarried

Movies – Television – Video

Watch “Sing A Little Louder” For Free – “Sing a Little Louder” is “a heart wrenching short film based on the Holocaust during World War II is shedding light on abortion and calling churches to raise their voice for those who have no voice. The film is now being released free for churches of every denomination to share with their congregations and give voice to the 42 million babies who are aborted every year around the world.”


A Symphony for Reformation Day – Mendelssohn’s Fifth by Eric Metaxas – “Do you know what today is? Sure you do. So let’s talk about Felix Mendelsson’s Fifth Symphony. Say what?”


A “Consensus” Culture of Death by Bradley Mattes

Worldview and Culture

We must not surrender to “gross conforming stupidity” by Campbell Markham – “Generations have fought for freedom of conscience. We cannot buckle now under pressure from same-sex marriage advocates.”

How Denying Infant Baptism Leads To Leftist Politics by Peter Burfeind – “Modern progressivism is a species of Christian heresy arising out of a specific Christian culture that had the same taproot as modern non-sacramental—yes, even evangelical—Christianity.” – What are your thoughts?

Free to Be Faithful Newsletter – “The Fall 2016 issue of the Free To Be Faithful Newsletter features information on important court cases and related issues at the forefront this year having significant implications for the rights of Christians to live faithfully. For example: Read about Judge Ruth Neely, a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church — an LCMS congregation in Pinedale, Wyo. — whom state officials seek to remove from her judiciary duties for her faith-based beliefs about marriage; Read about the pressures military chaplains and service members now face regarding religious freedom and what the LCMS is doing about it; Read how the Synod and Alliance Defending Freedom have collaborated on a downloadable manual — Protecting Your Ministry (From Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits) — now available to help LCMS congregations, schools and other ministries hedge against legal intrusions that may arise in the near future.