October 30, 2012

Scripture for Today

This Year’s Elections by Father Patrick Reardon

10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media

The Mourdock Moment: Life, Death, and Lies on the Campaign Trail by Albert Mohler

Put a Human Face on Issue of Rape by Ryan Bomberger

Pure and Mixed Articles of Faith: What This Means for the Two Kingdoms and the Separation of Church and State

Women and Worldview – Jesus and Human Dignity by Eric Metaxas – “Do you want to hear about the real “war on women”? Well, it’s not coming from the Republicans or the Democrats.”

Becoming a Church for the Fatherless by Mark E. Strong – “The church is uniquely called and equipped to address this growing issue.”

Pro-life world debating Nobel Prize for adult stem cell breakthrough by Hilary White

Obama’s HHS ‘Grooming’ Children for Sex by Matt Barber 

The contraception misconception by Alyene Senger

Better Microbes Nature Abhors Promiscuity by John Stonestreet

Extremism as the Excuse by Judie Brown

Kennedy widow opposes Massachusetts Physician-Assisted Suicide proposal by Dave Andrusko

Australian Parliament says sorry for “disgraceful” forced adoptions by Henrietta Cook

Sinti and Roma Holocaust Victims Remembered in Berlin

Remember the Big Chicken Sandwich Controversy? All’s Well That End’s Well

The amazing impact of pro-life cinematography by Christina Martin

Batman actor Christian Bale condemns forced abortion in China, honors blind activist Chen Guangcheng by John-Henry Westen

Mr. Bean star calls for repeal of British hate speech law by Hilary White

“Gattaca” at 15 by Daniel Allott

Eight Chairs by Ray Hartwig – A story from the land of Luther.

Culture Quote:

“I want to explain to you just how extremist the media is on abortion and just how much spinning in favor of killing kids the media does. According to Gallup polling, roughly a quarter of the population supports Richard Mourdock’s position on abortion — that the only exception in support of abortion should be the life of the mother. According to Gallup polling, roughly a quarter of the population supports Barack Obama’s position on abortion — any time during pregnancy until the moment of delivery. … When the media chooses to report stories about abortion, the media consistently chooses to report stories like Richard Mourdock’s statement and Todd Akin’s statement, both of whom believe that children conceived as a result of rape are still human beings entitled not to be ripped apart in utero and scrapped out of the womb or whatever procedure the child killers use these days. … These members of the media have a vested interest in painting the pro-lifers as extreme and themselves as in the mainstream, despite an equal percentage of Americans agreeing with both sides. … Then, of course, they also shape the news.” RedState.com managing editor Erick Erickson

Orphan Sunday
The opportunities for LFL supporters, state federations, chapters, Life Teams, and Life Ministry Coordinators to apply the Life message are endless. For example, Orphan Sunday (orphansunday.org) is November 4. The Christian Alliance for Orphans (www.christianalliancefororphans.org) offers a wealth of resources to help Christians stand for the orphan … defend the fatherless … care for the child that has no family … visit orphans in their distress. More info can be found at the LFL adoption and links pages. Also check out the fall edition of LifeDate (Orphan and Foster Care and the Gospel).