October 24, 2017


Pro-Abortion Crusaders Protest Nonprofits That Offer Free Ultrasounds And Diapers To Struggling Moms by Jay Hobbs – “Abortion supporters are coordinating online and in-person attacks against pregnancy centers and medical clinics that are rescuing a child from abortion every two minutes in the U.S. alone.”

The myth of the coat hanger abortion by Ann Farmer – “It’s an potent symbol and a cynical myth”


Let’s Give Suicidal People in their 70s Poison Pills! by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Growing old and kinless in America by Marcus Roberts – “It’s getting more common”

Video: 3 Brothers Jump For Joy At Gender Reveal

Worldview and Culture

Catholic bishops: respect for pro-life doctors waning by Alex Williams

A Shocking Humility by Jamaal Williams

This Hollywood Scandal Is Different by Kyle Smith – “The industry’s image of itself as morally enlightened has been destroyed.”

Disability Crime: “You should have that kid put down” by Kay Morgan-Gurr – “This week, the BBC ran a news item telling us that hate crime towards children with additional needs has risen. The figures had risen by 101% for all disability hate crime, but the BBC said that it was much higher for children.”

The pros (and cons) of online Church by Foluso Aloko – “I often marvel when I think about the way technology has changed the way we communicate and transact business. From mobile communication to online shopping and banking, the list goes on. We are now able to communicate faster and carry out various tasks at the touch of a button, almost anywhere and at any time.”