October 23, 2017


289 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign by Shawn Carney and David Brando

Abortion was a tool for men in classic Hollywood to cover up sexual assault by Susan Michelle-Hanson

My wife and I chose life after she became pregnant from rape by Jeff Christie

Meet the abortionist who commits abortions through all nine months of pregnancy by Cassy Fiano

Hey, Teen Vogue, these 15 women say taking the abortion pill is nothing like having a period by Sarah Terzo

Abortion clinic staff: “Women scream, cry” during abortions by Sarah Terzo


Jamie Foxx emotionally tells his adoption story: “When you’re a kid, you just want to be loved” by Brenna Skattebo

Crisis Pregnancy

Mother chooses life for triplets after help from pregnancy resource center by Nancy Flanders


After 15 Years of Killing Patients, Dutch Euthanasia Doctor May Finally be Prosecuted by Michael Cook

Family Living

Here’s How To Save Your Family From Technology Creep by Gracy Olmstead – “The more time we spend on our various technological devices, the less time we spend together as a family. How do we fix this problem?”

Fetal Development

Research now shows that preborn babies can feel pain very early — by 8 weeks by Nancy Flanders


Illegal Minor Gets Abortion Rights Even Americans Don’t Have by Jordan Candler 

Aborting Immigrants by Judie Brown

Sexual Purity

The Gadarene Revolution by James M. Kushiner  

Worldview and Culture

Now teaching Christian doctrine at a church school is “extremist”. Move over Monty Python by David Robertson

Hollywood Outraged at the Monster It Created by Brian Mark Weber – “After 50 years objectifying women, it’s no wonder that our nation has a problem with sexual abuse.”

Maybe there’s a story here: Lutherans on left, right share some common decline issues by Terry Mattingly

3 Things This Lutheran Wants Her Catholic Friends To Know About Reformation Day by Anna Mussmann – “In Catholics’ eyes, our admiration for Martin Luther is as misguided as holding a big party in honor of one’s divorce.”