October 19, 2015


349 Babies Saved From Abortions So Far During 40 Days for Life Pro-Life Campaign by Steven Ertelt

Planned Parenthood’s “Fix”? Making Fetal Harvesting “Free” by Jordan Candler

Between the Lines: What Cecile Richards Didn’t Say by Bradley Mattes

We Allow Planned Parenthood Because We Hate Mortality by Maureen Mullarkey – “So long as we think of our bodies in terms of replaceable components, the harvesting of fetal bodies will continue.”


Couple who adopted two children with Down syndrome: reality turned out better than our dreams by Texas Right to Life 


Death and Other Scandals of Surrogate-Mother Contracts by Maggie Gallagher


Ending Life Is Great; Saving It, Not So Much by Nate Jackson

Family Living

12-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Saves Her Sister From Drowning by Rebecca Downs 

Christianity and sex by Marcus Roberts

Family is on trend by Tamara El-Rahi

Love Story: Young Christian Couple Overcomes Brain Damage to Celebrate 5th Anniversary by Benge Nsenduluka

Glen Campbell – I’ll Be Me – I came across this documentary about Glen Campbell and Alzheimer’s disease on Netflix over the weekend. It is very well done. It is not always easy to watch, but there is humor too. The Netflix description said it was “poignant” but that is an understatement. It was a very emotional experience.

Worldview and Culture

The new Playboy’s same old pernicious playbook by Carolyn Moynihan – “If we want better, we must work harder”

Transgenderism: an endless quest for “the real me” by Gerard van den Aardweg – “Changing the body does not bring satisfaction.”

6-month-old girl thrown from New York apartment window

A Note to Entitled Millennials in the Workplace: Give Humility a Try by David French