October 19, 2012

Scripture for Today

Is That a Fact? Biden on the HHS Mandate by John Stonestreet – “It’s bad enough when the government threatens religious freedom. But when the Vice President of the United States tells us it’s all in our imaginations … Well, stay tuned.”

16-Second Video Demolishes Rationale for HHS-Abortion Mandate

Planned Parenthood Admits It Does Not Do Mammograms for Women

Video: Abortion never saves a woman’s life – This is an excellent production from the Life Institute of Ireland.

Who is called to adoption? by Susan Vansyckle – This is a terrific article!

Pro-life activists – one in jail – receive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for fighting for pre-born

Russian priest saves 2,000 babies from abortion

Mad About Babies – What’s Sex Got to Do with It? by Jennifer Fulwiler – Another very interesting read from Salvo magazine–they have many! 

Daycare Denial – Inconvenient Truths About Childcare Subvert the Very Best Intentions by Marcia Segelstein – This is not an easy read, but it is worth the time.

To Retain or Not to Retain … Answering the Judges by Jan Mickelson, WHO Radio – This article effectively deals with the retaining of judges in Iowa. This goes back to the terrible Iowa Supreme Court decision regarding so-called “same-sex” marriage.

From Russia, with Love – This tells the story of the coming to faith of Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church. My son, Alex, also from Russia, met the bishop while he was here visiting the United States in January.