October 15, 2015


Shift Planned Parenthood Funds to Health Centers That Don’t Equate Abortion with “Women’s Health” by Marjorie Dannenfelser

Should Men Have a Voice in Debate Over Abortion? Yes, Here’s Why by Debby Efurd

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz won’t admit humanity of own preborn children by Keli


Celibate mothers carry forward the sexual revolution by Michael Cook – “There are women who want a child but no intimacy and no love.”


5000+ Netherlands Euthanasia Killings 2014 by Wesley J. Smith

How the Euthanasia Lobby Was Able to Legalize Assisted Suicide in California, Is Your State Next? by Alex Schadenberg

Fetal Development

Presented with a life-threatening airway mass, doctors use 3D printed fetal head to manage care for unborn baby by Dave Andrusko

Family Living

Bubble-wrapping Our Kids – Give Them a God-Sized Vision by John Stonestreet – “Protecting young people from emotional harm is a noble aim, but have we gone a bit overboard?”