October 14, 2015


Planned Parenthood: We’re Going To Stop Doing That Thing We Said Was Totally Legal by Bre Payton

4 Ways Planned Parenthood Has Billed Taxpayers For Elective Abortions by Bob Trent – “We have no evidence that taxpayer dollars aren’t keeping the lights on and running the water in the abortion room.”


Jerry Brown Vetoes Right to Try and Live Bill by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Dealing with Miscarriage & Stillbirth – Coming Out of the Pro-Life Shadows by Eric Metaxas – “‘How old would she be?’ If you want to bless a mother this week, learn what this question is all about.”

Girl Watching – Raising Daughters in Troubled Times by Marcia Segelstein

Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life

How to Deal with a Joy Thief by Jamaal Williams

Worldview and Culture

Barbarians At The Gates Of Realville by Peter Burfeind – “We’re watching our culture commit logocide—killing, not just discussion, but any potential framework for discussion. It means to end the West.”