October 12, 2017


How Amy Mendoza Reversed Her Abortion Then Gave Birth To A Beautiful Boy by Kristi Burton Brown – “Amy couldn’t remember all the details and didn’t even know if she could try abortion reversal, but she knew she had to find out.”

“The most terrible black doom came over me”: Anne Robinson speaks out on her abortion experience

Satanist appeals her abortion rights case to Missouri Supreme Court by John Leonard

Christian councillor defends vote in favor of banning vigil outside abortion clinic by Tola Mbakwe


HHS to Define Life as Beginning “at Conception” by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

The Story of Baby Shalom by Marie MacPherson – “Editorial Note: Following is a true record of a woman pouring her heart out in the presence of God as she experienced the death of a child in her womb in March 2017. We publish it here with the hope of bringing comfort and encouragement to others who may find themselves struggling in similar circumstances (2 Corinthians 1:3–4). Shalom means ‘peace’ and, despite the emotional challenges portrayed below, this story ends with the mother of Baby Shalom resting in God’s peace. May it be so also for you, dear reader, no matter what tragedies befall you.”

4 Ways Your Kids Can Help You Parent So You’re Not Doing It All by Nicole Russell – “It’s okay to vent and complain sometimes. I read Liz Petrone’s viral Facebook post with equal parts awe and empathy. But then we need to be thankful and work smarter.”

Christian study pinpoints child happiness key by Alex Williams

Our Toxic Smartphone Addiction by Heather Wilhelm


Hymnody & Liturgy – God Is No Captive Deity: Comfort When a Child Dies before Baptism


What The Right And Left Should Learn From Tim Murphy’s Abortion Hypocrisy by Georgi Boorman – “Tim Murphy’s failure to live up to the values he has espoused should not merely be atomized and swept through the news cycle as a one-off.”

The HHS Mandate Rolled Back – Good News, Still More Work to Do by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “As Han Solo told Luke, ‘That’s great, kid! Don’t get cocky’ … a call for both thanks and renewed effort by defenders of religious freedom.”

Twitter Should Stay Out Of Abortion Politics For Its Own Good by David Harsanyi – “The social media giant blocked a pro-life video for being ‘too inflammatory.’ It’s not the first time.”

Judge: Tax the Pastors by Tony Perkins

Worldview and Culture

Exit Mr. Weinstein — Hold the Tears by William Murchison – “The reconstruction of norms and standards is the great unfulfilled task of our time.”

Why criticize Harvey Weinstein? Restraint is passé and uncool, right? So anything goes by Cal Thomas

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal Leaves a Trail of Hypocrisy by Jonah Goldberg – “Both the Left and the Right are guilty of selective outrage.”

A Vicious Virtue by Victor David Hanson – “When tragedy strikes, you probably deserve it — if you’re a conservative.”

Why It’s Cruel And Stupid To Politicize Marriage And Hard Work As “Racism” by David James – “These law-school faculty prove the Left has become so Puritanical and rigid that any positive reflection on the post-war period is immediately ‘racist.’ This isn’t history—it’s religion.”

Audio: Why Evangelical Christians Voted For Donald Trump by The Federalist Editors

Millennials Are So Terrified Of Religion They’re Developing One Around Harry Potter by Amelia Hamilton – “Two graduates from Harvard Divinity School (where else?) began a podcast called ‘Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.’ Some people are taking it way too seriously.”

Where is Your Bible? – Is the Church Ignoring “the Oracles of God”? by Eric Metaxas & Stan Guthrie – “The KGB finally got what it wanted—the separation of church and Bible in the West—with disastrous results.”


Mother of 6 Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver After Visiting Premature Twins in Hospital