November 9, 2018


Pastors Will Ask for God’s Blessing on Local Abortion Clinic Tonight by Steven Ertelt

Abortion Contributes to Mental Health Problems: Both Sides Agree According to a Comprehensive Medical Review

Most tone-deaf pro-abortion ad ever says smiling baby “deserves to be a choice” by Calvin Freiburger


I Was Adopted When I Was 6 Weeks Old, 9 of My 12 Siblings Were Adopted Too by Ryan Bomberger

Adoption charity rejects claim that IVF success has caused the collapse of adoption by Cara Bentley

Crisis Pregnancy

Photos of baby Miran, lost at 14 weeks, are saving other babies from abortion


Precious Lord, take my hand by Pastor Mark Jeske


German nurse confesses to 100 murders; could be many more by Michael Cook

Family Living

Video: Sheriff Deputy Odum Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime At Routine Traffic Stop


Two thirds of Irish GPs can’t or won’t perform abortions

Movies – Television – Video

Assert your cultural independence and go see “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” by Dave Andrusko


The Music of Michael Martin Murphey – Truth, Grace, and Freedom by Warren Cole Smith – “What makes great Christian music? First, it has to be great music.”

Sexual Purity

Living together: why “try before you buy” doesn’t work by Harry Benson – “Can non-commitment prepare you for lasting commitment?” 

Worldview and Culture

Where Is God In a Mass Shooting? by Russell Moore

The Danger of Thinking You’re Morally Good by Aaron Brake

The Bible Supernaturally Changes Lives by Alan Shlemon

Video: Kindergarten Class Signs “Happy Birthday” Song For Deaf Custodian

“I’m Pro-Life But Wouldn’t Outlaw Abortion” Parallels Stephen Douglas’s Argument For Slavery by Benjamin R. Dierker – “Hiding behind the pro-choice view is revolting when applied to slavery, and it should be equally so for abortion. Human life should not be subject to another’s whim.”

Planned Parenthood and the Body of Truth by Judie Brown