November 9, 2017


Texas Court Case Exposes The Gruesome Reality Of Dismemberment Abortion by John Daniel Davidson – “Abortion providers in Texas don’t think the state should require them to kill a fetus before dismembering it in its mother’s womb.”

7 Things I Learned At The Women’s Convention About Feminists And Abortion by Abby Johnson – “Abortion was a big focus of the Women’s Convention, but so was racism, a lack of diversity, and an obsession with women’s genitalia. Here’s what I saw.”

Planned Parenthood Whistleblowers Release Third Video In New Series by Nicole Russell

40 Days for Life saves more than 500 unborn babies from abortion by Fr. Mark Hodges

UK woman choses life after talking to pro-lifers outside abortion clinic by Dorothy Cummings McLean


Republicans Defeat Vote to Restore Adoption Tax Credit Despite Support From Pro-Life Groups by Steven Ertelt


Netherlands Moves Closer to Death on Demand by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Stepfamily or Just “Family” by Dr. John Rosemond

Sexual Purity

Cheap Sex Is the “Inconvenient Truth” that Explains the Retreat from Marriage by Mark Regnerus – “Young adults can now avoid marriage without paying a sexual penalty, and they are doing so in droves.”

Worldview and Culture

Prayer Shaming and the Church Shooting – Choosing Policy over God by John Stonestreet – “Prayer, it seems, is no longer a politically acceptable response to tragedy. Instead, we’re being told to put our trust in something else.”