November 3, 2017

Crisis Pregnancy

Abortion Failed – Two Families Blessed by Kim Ketola


Canada Passed Assisted Suicide Bill Last Year and is now Considering Child Euthanasia by Heidi Munson

Family Living

Video: Dad Has Priceless Reaction To Son’s Shots

Fetal Development

How embarrassing it is to argue life does not begin at conception by Dave Andrusko


Black pro-life woman shouted down at House hearing, accuses of “ignorance” by congressman by Claire Chretien

Worldview and Culture

The Research Proves The No. 1 Social Justice Imperative Is Marriage by Glenn T. Stanton – “For the last 20 years, marital status has increasingly become the central factor in whether our neighbors rise above, remain, or descend into poverty. The research is astounding.”

Are Pro-Lifers Being Inconsistent if They Save the Mother’s Life Rather than the Baby’s? by Greg Koukl

How the Existence of Two Sexes Serves God’s Ultimate Purpose for Creation by Amy K. Hall

A Post-Christian and Uncharitable Society by Melissa Mackenzie – “That’s what we’ve become and are fast becoming even more so.”